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JUL 2013

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PRODUCTS CNC Software Unveils Mastercam X7 Mastercam X7 introduces new capabilities, including the new mill- Mastercam X7 integrates Renishaw's Productivity+ for in- turn product, Renishaw Productivity+, Lathe Dynamic Rough, and process gaging. This uses a measuring probe on a machine tool more. The mill-turn product makes machining on high powered to determine fxture ofsets, orientation and critical dimensions. turning centers and full-function machining centers simpler and Probing eliminates the need for tool presetters, expensive fxtures easier than ever before, the company says. Mill-turn streamlines and manual settings with dial indicators, the company says. It the programming process with intelligent job setups that are keyed allows for machine ofsets to be automatically adjusted during to each machine in a shop. Intelligent work plane selection is machining to further enhance the manufacturing process. designed to make it easy to select the proper spindle and turret, all while programming a part with mill and lathe tool paths. The Lathe Dynamic Rough tool path is designed for hard materials cut with button inserts. The dynamic motion allows the Another Successful Installation. Another Cold Pizza. R ick Bauer is the kind of guy who misses a lot of warm dinners at home. Many evenings, like tonight, he is staring at his computer screen while the phone is glued to his ear as he navigates the intricacies of a tough installation. His dinner, ignored. tool path to cut gradually, remain engaged in the material more efectively, and use more of the surface on the insert, extend- The bad news is, his pizza has become a casualty to the gravity of the moment. The good news is that with the extreme effort of Rick, his team, and the field technician on the other end of this phone call, the multi-machine installation is nearly complete. It will be a success, and it was done on very short notice to boot. This deadline was one that the other guys believed was unrealistic, so they balked. A tragic mistake. ing tool life and increasing the cutting speed. Mastercam/CNC Software Inc. 800-228-2877 Driven Tools for Swiss Machines Provide Accuracy Needed for Medical Parts Just 56 hours earlier the entire Edge production team pulled together in an emergency meeting to decide just how they were going to, once again, pull off the impossible. Prepare three machines that day, ship the next, install on the third. Now Rick is on the phone at 7:32 p.m. on that third day, monitoring the final steps of the installation. Another new, happy customer. Tonight he will get a good night's sleep. He'll need it. Tomorrow "the impossible" will probably need his attention once again. Command Tooling Systems LLC's line of driven tools for Swiss machines is designed, manufactured and serviced in the U.S. and is designed to provide close to zero runout needed for the manufacturing of medical parts. Based on feedback from the medi- Rick Bauer cal community, Command was able to tailor Sales & Operations Manager design features into its product to best suit industry needs, the company says. The driven tooling has a turnaround time of 48 hours for Edge Technologies; the hardest working bar feeder company in the business. call or click: 314.692.8388 11600 ADIE ROAD 314.692.8388 MARYLAND HEIGHTS, MO 63043 f 314.692.5152 maintenance. In addition to its in-house maintenance and repair program to support EWS tools and Urma reamer products, Command Tooling also provides support for the new driven tools for Swiss machines. :: Command Tooling Systems/EWS 800-328-2197, 56 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JULY 2013

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