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PRODUCTS Modular Chip Processing Systems Ofer Cost Savings and Operational Efciency Automatic Magazine Bar Feeders Enable Quick Change-Overs PRAB Inc. has expanded its chip and fuid systems ofering to The Alpha 538 bar feeder from LNS is designed for sliding headstock include more modular equipment layout. These chip processing machines and loads barstock diameters from 0.20" to 1.5" (5 mm systems encompass all of the equipment needed to efectively to 38 mm). Alpha 552 is for fxed headstock machines and barstock process scrap, while requiring minimal foor space. Its modular diameters from 0.20" to 1.85" and up to maximum 2.047" diameter systems also ofer maneuverability and easy installation and with bar preparation (5 mm to 52 mm). connection with the ability to add other modules to expand chip handling capacity. PRAB modular chip processing systems typically include ma- Both bar feeders use hydrodynamic or hydrostatic oil to safely support barstock and reduce vibration transference. Exclusive LNS Quick-Change round guiding elements and pusher enable partial terial handling conveyors, pre-processing crusher and/or shred- change-overs in less than 3 minutes and complete change-overs in der as needed and a wringer/centrifuge. Other options include less than 8 minutes. briquetting and fuid recycling and fltration for reuse. Alpha 538 includes a Swiss safety connection featuring a tele- :: PRAB Inc. scopic tube and T-Tube liners; the LNS 3-S direct electronic head- 800-968-7722 stock synchronization system; and a long pusher extension (depend- ing on the machine confguration). Other features standard on both bar feeders include a 11.8" wide, self-contained magazine tray for unattended and lights-out operation; easily accessible, centralized bar selection fngers adjustment; two-position hydrostatic outboard stabilizer with quick-change bushing system; automatic torque and speed adjustment; heavyduty, self-centering remnant retraction system with torque power booster that ensures reliable, consistent bar extraction and insertion; an 18.5" Z-axis retraction system for easier spindle liner changeovers and routine machine maintenance. :: LNS America Inc. 513-528-5674, Horizontal Boring Mill Machining Center for Heavy Cutting The Yama Seiki horizontal boring mill machine, the BL series, is rigid requirement for heavy-duty machining, the company says. ofered in two types of boring spindle: the quill BL-S series and The working capacity is 78.4"~157.48 × 70.9" (opt. 94/5" × 51.2" the ram-type BL-FM series. The BL-S series machine is equipped (opt. 70") × 23.6" with maximum table load of 22,000 lbs. with 22/26 kW (30/35 hp, cont./30 min. rating) stepless vari- :: Yama Seiki USA, Inc. able speed range with a two-step gear box up to 2,400 rpm. The 888-976-6789 spindle is 120 mm (4.7") diameter diameter with 600-mm travel providing high rigidity and stability for heavy cutting applications, the company says. The BL-FM series machine is also available with 22/25 kW (30/35 hp, Cont. /30 min. rating) stepless variable speed range up to 6,000 rpm in a 480 × 480-mm square section. Spindle temperature is controlled by oil spindle chiller. The 40-tool automatic tool change system is standard on the BL series. The ATC is located outside of working area in order to keep coolant and chips of the magazine and tool change arm. Random selecting tool eliminates indexing time for tool magazine. The strong and heavyduty structure of "BL" series machines are designed by a 3D CAD system. The column and the bed are specially designed to meet the 54 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JULY 2013

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