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JUL 2013

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CLEANING PRODUCTS Ultrasonic Cleaner Ofers Three Operation Modes The Elmasonic S series benchtop ultrasonic cleaner from Tovat- the ultrasonics to begin running after the bath reaches a set tem- ech operates in three modes—Sweep, Degas and Normal—for perature. The Autodegas control, which is recommended before efcient cleaning, degassing and mixing/dissolving/dispersion, starting the cleaning process, runs the unit in pulsed mode for 10 respectively. minutes to remove gas bubbles from the solution. An LED display According to the company, cleaning is optimized in Sweep mode, which continuously shifts the sound feld maxima, guaran- shows the set temperature, actual temperature, set cleaning period and time remaining. teeing a homogeneous sound The Elmasonic S range is available in 13 dif- feld. Fresh cleaning liquid does ferent sizes from 0.5 to 90 L. Accessories include not clean efciently until fully baskets with plastic-coated handles, clamps for degassed, as dissolved gas sup- Erlenmeyer fasks, acid-proof tanks and holders presses cavitation, so the Degas for HPLC solvent fasks. A noise-reducing cover function accelerates the degas- can be fipped over and used as a tray and drip-of sing process. In Normal mode, the basin. cleaner mixes, disperses, emulsi- :: Tovatech LLC fes and dissolves samples. 973-913-9734 The Autostart feature enables Trusted Solutions For High Reliability Cleaning AXAREL® | BIOACT® | LENIUM® | CleanSafe™ AVIATION | PRECISION METAL | AUTOMOTIVE | MEDICAL Advanced Products For Advanced Cleaning A Vantage Specialty Chemicals Business | | 800-432-7187 | Scan QR Code For Product Brochure :: 51

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