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JUL 2013

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CLEANING PRODUCTS Centrifugal System Recycles Fluids for Aqueous Parts Washers Inline Analyzer Enables Control of Bath Concentrations Sanborn Technologies' T14-3AQ centrifugal bath purifcation sys- SensoTech's LiquiSonic inline analyzer measures cleaner concentra- tem features a stainless steel, three-phase centrifuge for separat- tions directly in a cleaning bath to enable values to be maintained ing tramps oils and solids from washer chemicals within predefned limits. The system consists of as many as four in aqueous bath solutions. This stainless steel sensors and one controller that are digitally connect- centrifugal technology does ed. The controller manages and visualizes measurement data from not deplete bath chemistry the sensors that is based on sonic velocity measurement. Automatic during the recycle process process control systems then can be integrated. The ultrasonic mea- and removes a dry solids surement process can deal with extreme processing conditions such cake and a separate free oil as temperatures between -100°C (-150°F) and +200°C (375°F), stream. and process pressures of a few mbar to 500 bar (7,000 psi). The complete system, which is available for wash tanks greater than 1,000 :: SensoTech 973-832-4575 gallons, includes a selfpriming feed pump, the three-phase centrifuge and an oil reservoir. It is portable and operates automatically, requiring minimal operator attention to maintain a consistently clean bath environment, the company says. :: Sanborn Technologies 800-343-3381 Ambient Degreaser Evaporates without Drying Equipment Inline Water Heater Improves Cleaning Solvent Kleene's D-Greeze ES-150D degreaser/cleaner cleans The Tytan water heater from Process Technology is designed for parts at ambient temperatures and is designed to quickly evaporate industrial inline water heating that requires precise temperature from the surface after cleaning, leaving no residue and eliminating control and optimum cleanliness. the need for rinsing and drying equipment. It is especially suited According to the company, heated water improves cleaning for degreasing/cleaning difcult-to-reach surfaces such as intricate efectiveness and reduces rinse time in most processes. The Tytan part shapes, and the inner surfaces of blind holes and tubes. The heater features rugged, heavy-wall element construction for long cleaner features a combination of low surface tension and high KB life and titanium heating elements for clean performance. It also value, enabling it to quickly penetrate narrow orifces and complex provides temperature accuracy part geometries to dissolve soils. over a wide fow range Unlike conventional solvents, D-Greeze ES-150D has a high for improved process fash point and is non-fammable. It also is non-carcinogenic and consistency, the com- non-toxic; has minimal odor; and does not contain ozone-deplet- pany says. ing components, hazardous air pollutants or SARA-listed compo- The water heater has a small footprint nents, the company says. Efcient in removing oils, fux, grease and other soils, D-Greeze and can be wall- ES-150D is suited for use with virtually all ferrous and non- mounted (up to ferrous metals, including titanium, zinc, magnesium, aluminum, 72 kW) or foor- copper, stainless steel and carbon steel. It can be used as a drop-in mounted (up to 144 replacement for most degreaser/cleaners and is designed to be kW). compatible with most existing degreasing methods and :: Process Technology equipment. 440-974-1300 :: Solvent Kleene processtechnology 978-531-2279 .com :: 49

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