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JUL 2013

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CASE IN POINT ftted with an alarm to let the operator know when it is time to change the polishing cylinders. Quick Payback In the 12 months before installing the MecWash system, Kinemotive spent almost $50,000 on cleaning solvent. In the frst year after installing the system, the company trimmed that number to less than $15,000—a savings of $35,000 over the preceding year in purchased solvent. For the new system, the company purchased $4,260 of MecWash AC-32 aqueous cleaning chemical in that year. Tus, Kinemotive's net savings on money spent for cleaning chemicals in the frst year was more than $30,000. Additionally, the failure rate of chill ring micro-welds in the assembly of bellows sensors has efectively been reduced to zero, saving the company thousands of dollars in lost labor and scrapped materials. And handling items only once allows the company to operate far more efciently. "We're pleased that Kinemotive has entrusted MecWash with its parts washing needs," says Bill Westbrook, North American operations manager for MecWash Systems. "Its experience shows frst-hand the far-reaching aspects that cleanliness can have for manufacturers in demanding applications. Replacing vapor degreasing solvents with aqueous chemicals saves the company a signifcant amount of money. Eliminating re-work and scrap is also benefcial. We're thrilled to provide a cleaning solution that meets Kinemotive's rigorous cleanliness requirements and that also saves money and operates more efciently." Parts Washer Designed for Aerospace Here's another system designed for tight cleanliness standards. LINK :: For more information: MecWash Systems :: 440-564-7894 Kinemotive Corporation :: 631-249-6440 AirlessTm Vacuum Solvent Cleaning • • • • • • • • • • • • • Vacuum Technology For Ultra-Low Emissions Consistent & Repeatable Cleaning Precision & Industrial Cleaning Applications Multi-Solvent Capabilities Small To Large Cleaning Chambers Standard & Custom Models Inexpensive To Operate & Easy To Maintain Minimal Environmental Impact Operator Friendly Programmable & Flexible Cleaning Cycles EPA/SCAQMD Approved Ask Us About Our Contract Cleaning Services Built, Supported & Serviced In The USA! Precision & industrial cleaning systems C O R P O R AT I O N 342 Compass Circle Unit A2, North Kingstown RI 02852 401-667-7370 42 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JULY 2013

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