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JUL 2013

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CASE IN POINT Aqueous System Helps Clean Up the Process Edited by Chris Felix n addition to reductions in failure rate and rework costs, the right cleaning system can help a company refne its production process to manufacture quality products efciently. Tat's exactly what Kinemotive Corporation (Farmingdale, N.Y.) accomplished as it achieved signifcant operational savings, including improvements in lost labor hours and scrap rates, after installing a MecWash AVD aqueous cleaning system. Te company also now saves thousands of dollars per year in solvent costs that it was putting toward operation of the previous vapor degreasing system. I Background Kinemotive Corporation manufactures temperature sensors, pressure switches, fuid control valves, thermal actuators, vibration dampeners, and edge-welded bellows for the aerospace, defense, medical, industrial and semiconductor industries. Tese products are critical to the fail-safe operation of the equipment on which they are installed for companies such as GE, Honeywell, Boeing, UTC Aerospace, Lockheed Martin, Silicon Valley Group, Varian Semiconductor and others. Before its purchase of the MecWash AVD, Kinemotive cleaned parts prior to assembly using a vapor degreaser. While this system was efective for many parts, it did not efectively clean those that were machined upstream using water-based lubricants and coolants. Tis problem was particularly acute in the process of micro-welding bellows sensors. Bellows sensors are manufactured from chill rings— metal rings that can be as thin as a human hair. Te chill rings must be absolutely free of contamination prior to being micro-welded or the encapsulated contamination will cause the weld to fail. If a single micro-weld fails, the entire bellows sensor is rejected. Some of Kinemotive's bellows sensors are complex, containing thousands of micro-welds. A micro-weld that fails during the assembly of a bellows of this design can easily cost the company thousands of dollars in lost labor and the scrapping of chill rings. 40 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JULY 2013 :: The cleaning system was developed for the aerospace, defense, medical and other precision industries that require high standards of cleaning, surface fnish and drying.

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