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JUL 2013

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CASE IN POINT :: Among Trillium's many multitasking machine tools is a Mori Seiki NTX 1000 ftted with a lower turret, high-pressure coolant, a 76-tool magazine and in-machine probing. workfow, with fewer human errors because of completing quality parts in fewer (ideally only one) operations. "So many people out there are fne with programmers performing extensive edits, but it adds up," Mr. Bureau says. "You compromise your employees and your machines, and your parts are just mediocre. How are you going to be competitive? You can't." With Esprit on line, Trillium has cut hand-editing time, is generating accurate CNC code the frst time out and is eliminating programming limitations. "Tere are lots of little things that add up and allow you to take full advantage of the machine tool," Mr. Bureau says. "So many other types of software don't allow you to output the actual code in certain situations. Ask some companies to show you the code for tilting the subspindle on the NT. Tey can't do it. I enjoy programming more because I sometimes didn't feel like trying to get some of the other software to do exactly what I wanted it to do." To make a part in Esprit, Mr. Bureau typically imports a solid model into the software and begins programming. As the software ofers solids-based programming, it's easy to edit a part within the CAM software and make adjustments on the fy. Mr. Bureau favors the time-saving advantages of Esprit's "Process Saving" capability, which enables programmers to save toolpath parameters. If a programmer has saved a process for roughing a titanium part based on part features as opposed to dimensions, he or she can automatically apply that process to new or slightly diferent parts. In the case of a family of parts for knee implant trials, Trillium was able to apply saved processes and dramatically cut programming time. Tis is especially important when you have various sizes of the same part that requires writing a new program for each part. "Why re-invent the wheel?" Mr. Bureau says. Esprit's support is another favorite feature. "What really sets the software apart is its support," Mr. Bureau says. "Tis product support is among the best of any company I have worked with." Between DP Technology's software support, and the software's ability to save programming time and apply saved processes as well as solids-based programming, Trillium's creative thinking has achieved the manufacturing of complex parts and parts using exotic materials efciently, which is what the shop hoped to accomplish. Multidiscipline CAM Helps Shop Respond Quickly to Customer Needs Tis job shop has reduced programming time and virtually eliminated programming errors by switching to Esprit software.  LINK :: For More Information: DP Technology Corp. :: 805-388-6000 :: DMG/Mori Seiki USA ::  847-593-5400 :: 38 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JULY 2013

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