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JUL 2013

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BAR FEEDER/MATERIAL HANDLING :: Programming the gantry units to accommodate diferent jobs is accomplished on the shop foor. Here, Gardner Denver machinist Roberto Tristan programs the Automata loader. both were capable of the quick change-overs that would be required to manufacture a variety of parts. "Te 2-week runof went well and allowed us to adapt both machines to meet the project requirements," says Ed Joseph, Bucci's Automation Specialist. Te process included the gantry loader taking raw material from the magazine and loading them into the main spindle of the lathe. Ten the loader removes the fnished part from the lathe and places it back in the staging area. Te entire process takes 5 to 10 minutes to produce the fnished product. "Te variety of parts to be manufactured required us to make several adjustments at the runof to ensure a smooth manufacturing process with an easy change-over. Tere were also some parts that were not available at the runof for testing. Tese would have to be programmed at the factory installation," Mr. Joseph added. Te next phase of the project involved moving the frst lathe and gantry loader unit to the newly renovated building at Gardner Denver's Ft. Worth facility. While this unit was being installed, the additional lathes and gantry loaders were being manufactured and prepared for their respective runofs. Te installation of all the additional units would be completed over a 4-month period. Getting More Efcient Gardner Denver supplies pumps to a variety of industries worldwide. Te products that would be manufactured in Ft. Worth were being utilized in a high growth industry that the company wanted to expand into. Tese were high turnover parts, and high production levels were necessary. Additionally, production speed 30 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JULY 2013 was extremely important. Te option of having each lathe manned by a skilled operator, as well as an assistant, would not have met the company's production or fnancial goals. Larry Kerr, V.P. and general manager of Gardner Denver decided early in the planning stage that this new production process would require automation to be successful. He built this into the specifcations for the project. "Our company operates on a lean manufacturing philosophy, coupled with a Six Sigma customer focus," says Mike Young, plant manager at Gardner Denver. "Tis was our division's frst entry into high volume manufacturing. We knew up front that it would require an automated component to accomplish our goals." Mr. Joseph handled the installation of the gantry loaders for Bucci. Coordinating with Gardner Denver personnel and the Methods lathe installers, he was able to bring the Automata online within 2 weeks. Some adjustments at the plant level were necessary to accommodate access to the lathe and the gantry. "Te frst week we were installing the Automata and setting up the programming. On week 2, we ran testing and trained the lathe operators and maintenance personnel," Mr. :: With this arrangement of multiple lathe and loader units, fewer machinists are required to operate the machine tools.

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