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JUL 2013

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Automating a Turning Operation :: "There is always a learning curve when you make the decision to automate," says Gardner Denver's plant manager, Mike Young. clients, Gardner Denver, was interested in installing a new turning operation to manufacture pump parts used in the energy industry. Te focus of the meeting changed when Bucci's Automata gantry loader was introduced. Te customer's goal was to have a highly automated operation with multiple Nakamura lathes and minimal personnel. To accomplish this goal, an automated loader would have to be connected to the lathes. Mr. Parenteau was looking for the right automation solution for this large project, with a relatively short time line for installation. "Te more we discussed the project, the more apparent it became that our Automata 5.0 gantry loader was a good solution," Bucci's Mr. Miller says. Opportunity Knocking Te delivery and the budget for the project provided an opportunity for the gantry loader. Te IEMCA Automata is a generic gantry system designed and built for automatic loading, unloading and storing blanks and fnished components close to the machine tool. Te gantry units could be manufactured in time to meet the projected deadline, and their cost was signifcantly less than a six-axis robot option, which was being considered. Additionally, the gantry loader was ideal for moving the parts, some of which weighed up to 11 lbs. "From a price and delivery perspective, the Automata made a lot of sense for this project," Methods' Mr. Parenteau says. Mr. Miller says, "We had been looking for an opportunity to present our Automata to Methods Machine Tools. It was interesting that this desire and the timing for this project coincided perfectly." Te information sharing and proposal processes began. Within weeks, the engineering and manufacture of the system components began. Fresh Start Gardner Denver was in the process of renovating an existing wing at their Ft. Worth manufacturing facility to house its Nakamura Tome WT250 lathes connected to Automata 5.0 gantry loaders. Te automated facility was expected to produce in excess of 100,000 parts per year with an operations staf of two people per shift. It was a lofty goal, but one made viable by the lathe and gantry loader selection. Te production and installation process took place in three phases for more than 4 months in the spring and summer of 2012. Te frst loader was "This was our manufactured at Bucci's division's frst entry plant in Italy and shipped to the Methods' into high volume Massachusetts location manufacturing. We to be married to the lathe knew up front that and programmed for it would require the variety of parts that an automated would be manufactured. component to Te Nakamura lathe and accomplish our goals." Automata 5.0 proved to be a good combination as :: 29

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