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TECH BRIEFS Te Flexi-Chuck, on the other hand, allows the tool and the internal components that Top Clamp lead to it to move independently of each (fnger) other, absorbing any potential misalignment. With MicroPlus, tool guidance is achieved by V Steady the OTC assembly and the collet foat of the (with carbide insert) Flexi-Chuck. Te OTC guides the tool into V Steady horizontal an accurate workholding position without adjustment the Flexi-Chuck infuencing tool alignment accuracy. Te workholding part of the V Steady vertical MicroPlus uses the fat-nose Schaublin W20 Main adjustment Body range of collets. Collet sizes range from 1/32 inch to 1/2 inch (1 mm to 13 mm). Pneumatic Yaw adjustment Providing runout and alignment accuracy Actuator (around Z axis) for the tool, the OTC consists of a V block that supports the tool to ensure axial and :: The Overhead Top Clamp assembly allows pneumatic angular alignment. Te OTC retains the tool adjustment of clamping pressure of the fnger to suit difin the precision V block with an overhead ferent tool types and sizes. clamp. Te clamp is a rigid metal fnger with an acetal pad to prevent damage to the tool shank during grinding. Te OTC is mounted on a rigid nent system consistently limits radial and axial runout steady bed, and the tool is clamped and unclamped by a to less than 0.0001 inch (3 microns) for tools 2 inches pneumatic actuator. Te operator can adjust pneumatic (50 mm) from the face of the collet. Typical tool grinder clamping pressure of the fnger to suit diferent tool types runout is about 0.0002 inch. Suitable for both manual and and diameters. automated tool loading, it can be used for the production grinding of 3- to 13-mm diameter tools. Designed for convenience, the system allows collets to be easily Software Setup changed over with an unrestricted work envelope. Automated setup assistance for MicroPlus is provided in ANCA's ToolRoom software. Tis tool helps the operator to set the centerlines of the OTC assembly with the FlexiHow it Works Chuck, in both vertical and horizontal planes. Te workholding and tool support system consists of Te MicroPlus is currently available for the MX7, GX7 two separate assemblies: the Flexi-Chuck assembly for and RX7 tool grinders as an option and can be retroft to workholding and the Overhead Top Clamp (OTC) assembly these machines. for tool guidance. Te Flexi-Chuck clamps and rotates the tool to be ground, preventing any negative infuences from afecting the guidance provided by the OTC, such as collet inaccuracy, inconsistent collet clamping and any misalignment caused by loading tools. Medical Grinding Takes More Tan Te clamping force is generated by disc spring stacks a Machine within the Flexi-Chuck assembly. Tis design provides Read this commentary about the upswing in medical sufcient force to clamp tools efectively. Flexi-Chuck does grinding opportunities. not use the conventional drawbar design and, therefore, is LINK :: not afected by a drawbar system's potential negative infuence on tool runout. In other systems, if the drawbar and tool are misaligned For more information: and not in a completely straight line, the drawbar tends to ANCA Inc. :: 248-926-4466 pull the tool at an of-center angle, causing runout. Also, rigid drawbar-mounted collets can over-constrain the Schaublin USA :: 215-672-3390 workholding system, preventing the V-steady from ling tool guidance. Wear Pad (Acetal) :: 25

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