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JUL 2013

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CONTINUED FROM PAGE 18 The Best Indicator for Managing Your Shop training program will accomplish and what it will deliver, making their people more capable, productive and knowledgeable, which will pay daily dividends forever going forward. Tey know their status not just tangibly but emotionally with every customer, and they rely on more than their sales guy to know that. Tey are always adjusting their internal business systems to eliminate waste and make the company more responsive to customer needs. I think we can all agree that fnancials are important, but they are a proxy for how well we are serving the customer, improving our processes and growing our people. Financials are a coincident or lagging indicator. Customer, Learning and Growth and Internal Business Processes indicators, I argue, are leading indicators. Indicators that can lead our shops to sustainable, long-term success. What indicator is the best indicator for managing your shop? I hope your answer includes more than one. RECENT PMPA LISTSERVE TOPICS PMPA members support one another through email Listserves, where they can solve problems, share advice, sell excess material and equipment, and learn about new developments and opportunities. Here is a list of topics that were recently discussed: • Economic conditions • Value of the Listserve/PMPA email networking forums • Nonsmoking policies • ISO certifcation • TS-16949 guidance • In-process inspection equipment • Digital microscope recommendations • CRES 455 H1000 machining • Straightening titanium • 8620 vs. 8620H • Weird material call out: foreign spec • Turcite A • Nitronic 60 • Machine repair: multi-spindle • Citric acid dip • CNC grinding source • Plating source • Maintenance software • Shopfoor/fnancial software • Machine setup sheets • Fanuc servomotor 20 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: JULY 2013 PMPA CALENDAR Below is the calendar of upcoming conferences and events scheduled for the 2013 program year. For the latest district/chapter meeting information, please view the Calendar of Events at If you have questions about PMPA conferences or regional meetings, please contact: Rob Kiener, director of government afairs & communications: 440-526-0300 or Annual Meeting October 18-22, 2013 Hotel Del Coronado Coronado (San Diego), Calif. 6700 West Snowville Rd. • Brecksville, Ohio 44141 Phone: 440-526-0300 • Fax: 440-526-5803 Website: © 2 0 1 3 P M P A

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