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PRODUCTS / SERVICES Iscar Metals Inc. 300 Westway Place Arlington, TX 76018 Phone: 817-258-3200 Toll Free: 877-294-7227 Fax: 817-258-3221 email: :: SUPPLIER SHOWCASE An advantageous alternative to the conventional ISO Iscar doubles the cutting edges on positive rake inserts intended for general turning applications. This economical solution for 80-degree turning provides double-sided robust and positive four cutting-edged inserts that easily replace the positive two cutting-edged inserts. Their dovetail shape fits into a unique pocket design, assuring better insert positioning and stability to guarantee longer insert tool life. The holders can be ordered with or without through-tool coolant channels. Logiq4Feed (FFX4) is one of Iscar's latest high feed tools for rough milling applications. The tools use uniquely shaped inserts (FFX4 XNMU 040310) with twisted geometric design, resulting in highly positive rake angles for smooth/easy cutting and excellent chip control. Tool diameters cover the mid-range category (0.500"-1.500"), with tools available in Iscar's popular modular systems (Multi-Master and FlexFit). All of this makes the FFX4 -04 tools an optimal solution for a variety of milling applications (pocketing, ramping, long reach, and so on) and materials. Iscar's Namill is an indexable milling tool created with the smallest existing indexable insert. This small, triangular insert provides three cutting edges and is applicable for 90-degree shoul- dering, ramping and pocketing appli- cations. The small insert, combined with a robust, clamping mechanism enables the addition of more flutes on small-diameter cutter bodies ( 5 / 16 " and 3 / 8 "), further expanding the opportunity to choose an indexable tool over solid carbide end mills. Iscar continues to build upon its complete portfolio of metalworking tools, software support and tool management accessories to provide a positive machining experience. The new Iscar Logiq campaign introduces many innovative tool families. The Namill, Logiq4Feed, and Logiq4Turn are just a few of these families that help reduce cycle time, while increasing machine tool capacity and profitability. :: 11

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