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SUPPLIER SHOWCASE Schütte Corp., based in Jackson, Michigan, is the subsidiary of Alfred Heinrich Schütte. Alfred H. Schütte, domiciled in Cologne, Germany, is a globally operating manufacturer of machine tools, including multi-spindle automatics and five-axis CNC grinding machines. The fully equipped facility, in the heart of Michigan, provides an extensive variety of services, including machine service, spare parts, time studies, process engineering, cam manufacturing, and tool and production demo part grinding, and so on. This U.S. arm of Schütte uses a total quality approach to both development and production. Meanwhile, the company continues to invest heavily in equipment and the total work environment, aiming to improve even further its products. Schütte Corp. 4055 Morrill Road Jackson, MI 49201 Phone: 517-782-3600 Fax: 517-782-3363 :: PRODUCTS / SERVICES ACX Schütte has launched the second stage of its "Generation SCX" multi-spindle automatic series, the eight-spindle automatic ACX-36. The ACX machines are designed for complete machining, the front and rear side of the workpiece can be completed in a single cycle. The ACX can also be operated as a double four-spindle machine, where it runs as two machines working together simultaneously on a single platform. There are eight cross-slide positions available, each with the possibility to have multiple tools. Two of the eight cross-slides can be tooled for work on the main or counter- spindle positions to give simultaneous backworking. Whether complicated or less complex parts, Schütte's ACX-36 can machine a workpiece complete. 335 Linear The Schütte 335-Linear is a high-precision five-axis CNC grinding machine demonstrating extreme flexibility, allowing users to meet all requirements for production and sharp- ening of most cutting tool types. A highly dynamic medical variant of this machine makes it possible to grind femoral knee implants quickly and accurately. This, coupled with a variety of automation options capable of integrating post-op finishing cells, offers a cost-effective and efficient production platform for the medical implant industry. Accuracy and stability are paramount with vibration dampening, reinforced structural stability, linear drive technology and temperature compensa- tion built-in to a solid machine concept. :: 9

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