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Turning Center Offers Off-Center Machining The Puma TT2100SYY twin-spindle, twin-turret, dual-Y-axis turning center from Doosan Machine Tools is ideal for aerospace and medical applications that require high throughput of complex workpieces, according to the company. The addition of Y-axis capability on both the upper and lower turrets provides off-center machining capability and adds flexibility to both turrets. The dual turrets on this machine enable simultaneous OD and ID cutting to a workpiece in the main spindle. Simultane- ous milling and turning of parts in both the main and subspindles delivers multiple finished pieces off of one cycle, the company says. Operations can be combined by machining one side of the part in the main spindle and finishing it in the subspindle. For long shaft parts, users can synchronize both spindles and pinch-turn to cut down on cycle time, or use a steady rest support in the lower turret for a rigid cut. The main and subspindles on the machine feature 25-kW (34-hp) motors that turn at 5,000 rpm, outputting 223 Nm (165 foot-pounds) of torque. The spindle bearing design adds rigidity to the spindle. A 12-station turret with 24 positions accommodates BMT tooling and rotates at 5,000 rpm. An 8" chuck is standard, although other options are available. The live tool drive runs on a 7.5-kW (10-hp) motor that out- puts 47.7 Nm (35 foot-pounds) of torque and can handle a tap size as large as M16. It is designed with air and oil lubrication on the gear and bearings that lower noise levels and increase reli- ability by reducing heat build up, the company says. The machine is built upon a 45-degree solid base casting for stability. A large roller-type LM guideway provides additional rigidity. :: Doosan Machine Tools America 973-618-2500, Mini Mill-Thread Mills Varied Depths Designed for applications involving small and deep threads, Carmex Precision Tools' MTSB mini mill-thread is equipped with cool- ant bores that facilitate chip removal with high-pressure coolant. Because it is made of solid carbide with a PVD triple coating, the mill-thread is designed to work at high machining parameters for increased productivity. The company says the increased number of flutes can shorten cycle times and, combined with coolant, improve tool life. Although designed for deep thread milling operations, the product can be used in operations requiring high thread quality. :: Carmex Precision Tools, LLC 262-628-5030, Hydraulic Chucks Clamp in Three Turns Big Kaiser's hydraulic chucks for Swiss lathes are toolholders that use a single wrench, which provides a quick change of the cutting tools on a gang slide. Often used for mass production of small items, Swiss lathes have many fixed and rotating tools in a narrow space, making it difficult to replace a cutting tool inside the ma- chine. To minimize machine downtime and provide operator safety, the chucks use a hex wrench that is said to require only two or three turns for both clamping and unclamping. To maintain repeatabil- ity, once a hydro-chuck is centered, the runout is said to not vary, even if a cutting tool is changed repeatedly. Runout of fewer than three microns at 4× diameter can be achieved. High-precision cutting with these chucks is achieved on the automatic lathe with a clamping range of 4 to 8 mm. According to the company, the chucks are long-lasting, maintenance free, and the rigidity is improved by the short projection length and dual pressure points. These chucks have a standard pipe thread for coolant-through connection and are available for most Citizen and Star machines with 3 / 4 " (22-mm) straight shank. :: Big Kaiser 888-866-5776, Cutting Tool Grades Boost Surface Quality The Seco Tools' heat-resistant TS2000 and TS2500 grades employ manufacturing techniques including an edge preparation process and coating to cut faster, work harder and last longer when turning even challenging materials, according to the company. An edge preparation process provides the grades with a better edge integrity and improved adhesion between substrate and coating. This is said to boost surface quality on machined parts and provides the insert with a consistent tool life while machining heat-resistant materials such as superalloys and titanium alloys. TS2000 incorporates a PVD coating that provides wear resistance and reliability. The coating reduces the risk of plastic deformation as well as crater wear. This grade is said to be aimed at high-quality finishing of heat-resistant alloys, but with the strength to handle semi-roughing situations, as well. TS2500 is designed to handle interrupted cuts, tough cast skin and high stress. According to the company, it is ideal for rough- ing and semi-finishing applications in various kinds of super and titanium alloys. :: Seco Tools LLC 248-528-5200 PRODUCTS 44 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: DECEMBER 2018

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