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Machine Manufactures Small Pieces with High Precision The Tornos Technologies SwissNano machine's kinematics allow turning, drilling, cutting, deburring, roughing and finish- ing operations, enabling it to produce two-thirds of watch movement components, according to the company. It is also said to produce micro medical and dental parts with quality and precision. The machine is designed to deliver balance, and thermal management enables it to rapidly reach operating temperature. This compact solution features easy setup and can be used with a fixed or rotating guide bushing or no guide bushing at all. :: Tornos Technologies U.S. Corp. 630-812-2040, Scanning Probes Check Part Profiles in Real Time Marposs' WRSP60 high-accuracy scanning probes check part profiles directly on machines in real time. Parts can now be checked for defects without being transferred to a measurement lab, elimi- nating the need to reload and reposition the part for necessary reworking. The probes are used to check the quality of the part profile, compensate for part misalignment, perform surface deformation checks, perform comparisons, check runout and enable the "touch" neces- sary for positioning the part. The system transmits the data via radio to a WRI receiver, using a communica- tion protocol that is said to reduce power consumption and the chance for interference. The data is collected, analyzed and displayed using a software package. The probe also features a multi-channel system that enables the same receiver to manage as many as 12 systems sequentially. It also provides measurement performance on 3D surfaces with repeatability within 0.4 microm- eters and a life of 80 hours of continuous operation. :: Marposs Corp. 248-370-0404, Multitasking Turning Center Completes Machining from a Single Setup Cleaning Machines Meet Special Requirements Omegasonics is offering customized ultrasonic cleaning machines. The company offers more than 50 ultrasonic cleaning units, includ- ing industrial and benchtop washers. If the company's existing machines do not meet customer requirements, it will customize a machine to those specifications. Specialized requirements include the types and sizes of objects to be cleaned and the particular type of contaminant needing to be removed. These factors determine the machine's design, including tank size, transducer frequency and other details. :: Omegasonics 800-669-8227, With its upper turret with rotary tool milling, second spindle and Y-axis capabilities, the HQR-250MSY multitasking turning center from Mazak Corp. delivers part processing and high-volume throughput. The twin-spindle, twin-turret configuration is said to complete machining from slug and bar material in a single setup. The balanced cutting of the upper and lower turrets pro- motes part throughput. By operating together or separately, the twin opposed turning spindles enable a single part to be machined on all surfaces through a coordinated "hand off" be- tween spindles. Alternately, two different parts can be machined simultaneously. The spindles are supported by large-diameter bearings for high spindle rigidity. The main spindle features a 10" chuck, 3.58" spindle bore and a 35-hp integral spindle motor that provides a maximum 4,000 rpm speed. The second spindle has an 8" chuck, 2.55" spindle bore and a 30-hp integral spindle motor with a 5,000-rpm top speed. Both have full CNC C-axis control for part positioning and contouring with indexing increments of 0.0001 degree. Both the upper and lower turrets accom- modate 12 tools (or 24 tools as an optional feature); and have 4" Y-axis travel capabil- ity for off-centerline operations. Rotary tool spindles on each turret deliver 6,000 rpm and 7.5 hp for milling and drilling multitask- ing functionality. Additionally, the machine is said to optimize part throughput with the use of factory unloading that brings finished workpieces as large as 3" × 10" to the outside of the machining area without interrupting the machining cycle. For continuous unmanned operations, the machine can integrate with an optional bar feeder and unloader or robot loader/unloader. :: Mazak Corp. 800-231-1456, PRODUCTS :: 43

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