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Solid Carbide Drill Creates Deep Holes in Stainless Steel CrazyDrill Cool SST-Inox is a solid carbide drill, available in diameters from 1 to 6 mm. It is designed for machining of stainless steels, heat resistant alloys (nickel-based) and chrome-cobalt alloys. After the 2016 launch of the short versions (6 × D and 10 × D), the tool is now available for drilling depths of 15 × D and 20 × D. With this, Mikron Tool is emphasizing deep-hole drilling in stainless steels. The company built upon the geometry of the short version of these drills and its "chipbreaking profile" at the front of the tools. The company also uses an enlarged flute profile in the rear section of the flute, which provides cooling and chip evacuation. The smooth surface of the spiral flutes represents a significant difference when drilling more than 10 × D. These two features together assure even force requirements when drilling deep. A single feed stroke is sufficient to reach the full drilling depth and dependably flush the chips from the flutes, the company says. This drill has integrated cooling ducts, which deliver the cool- ant right to the drill tip. These ducts have a cross section in the form of a drop, which is said to deliver as much as four times the coolant volume of coolant ducts with a round cross section. To guarantee this cooling performance in small drill diameters, the shank is also equipped with an additional power chamber. This high cooling performance helps prevent the overheating and subsequent chipping of cutting edges and buildup of material. :: Mikron Corp. Monroe - Cutting Tool Division 203-261-3100, Stand-Alone System Connects and Feeds Parts Into Grinders Glebar has expanded on its guidewire feeder with vacuum feeding technology to develop a similar stand-alone device, which connects and feeds parts into existing grinders. The feeder includes an upgraded control system and a 7" color human-machine interface (HMI) for access to the feeder operations. The feeder enables multiple modes of operation, includ- ing a stand-alone cycling mode that does not require signals from a grinder. The feeding system is designed to feed long products, such as guidewires, catheter bodies and metal tubing to secondary process devices and into any machine or printer. Other features include a sturdy platform with casters for easy placement and trays mounted on the front and back of the unit to provide convenient part staging areas. :: Glebar Co. 800-235-5122, Three New Boring Kits Available Allied Machine & Engineering adds three new Criterion boring kits to its lineup. The kit selection includes a kit for 1.00" cylindrical shank, a kit for R8 shank, and a kit for #4 Morse taper shank. The boring tool sets were developed for a selection of diameter ranges from 0.125" to 4.000" and can be used on virtually any machine spindle from Morse taper to HSK, making them especially useful for any machinist, the company says. Allied's newest boring kits provide cost savings compared with purchasing individual components. They also offer setup versatility for tool rooms in high production facilities as well as smaller contract job shops. The kits are contained in sleek, sturdy cases to assist in tooling inventory organization as well as in transporting them from one machine to the next. :: Allied Machine & Engineering Corp. 800-321-5537, Turning Center Features Fast Automation Murata Machinery USA's MW120II twin-spindle turning center features a high-speed, lightweight gantry loader, which enables rapid traverse speeds in the X, Y and Z axes. The gantry loader is designed to traverse speeds 1.5× faster than those of the traditional gantry loader, according to the company. The machine is said to have reduced idle time by more than 3 seconds per part related to turret clamp/unclamp, chuck clamp/unclamp and faster shutter doors. Like all other machines from this company, the flexible automation enables multiple machines to be combined into a single production cell, use common transfer, turnaround and feeding units to service the machines and provide production solutions. :: Murata Machinery USA Inc. 704-875-9280, PRODUCTS 42 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: DECEMBER 2018

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