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105. e Supermini Type-105 tool system from Horn is designed for demanding boring applications involving diameters ranging from 0.2 and 6 mm. is is followed by a one-step finishing process (2) of the lateral surface and the concave shape of the plane surface with a Mini 114 axial grooving tool. e inserts are mounted on a carbide toolholder. Due to the high density of the carbide, vibrations causing chatter marks are eliminated, even when working with long tool overhang. e next step is the finishing of the inner diameter (3) using a Supermini 105 and of the 1-mm internal groove (4), also using the Supermini Type 105. e last cutting operation is a recess (5) using a Mini Type-111 tool system. All the tools used are designed to include an internal coolant supply. Apart from aluminum, Herrmann machines various types of stainless steel and titanium, as well as nickel- based alloys, including Inconel and Hastelloy, which are challenging materials to machine. e quality of the components is always central to the production process, but workplace cleanliness, highly qualified staff and quality control using high-tech measuring machines Here's another article on this topic: Cutting & Forming Tools Zone is Production Machining zone covers the broad category of cutting tools that includes milling, drilling, turning and other lathe and machining center operations. LINK :: are equally important to meet aerospace demands. In addition to the official certifications, customers are also invited to visit the company for regular audits. "Cleanliness, precise work and continuous quality control are essential elements of our daily routine," Mr. Wetterich says. "But we also need reliable partners such as Horn to meet the challenging machining tasks we are facing." Horn USA Inc. | 615-771-4100 | Herrmann CNC-Drehtechnik | PRECISION MACHINING NEWS DELIVERED RIGHT TO YOUR INBOX short Put the latest precision machining information at your fingertips with Production Machining's e-newsletters. Our weekly PM Et Cetera and monthly PM Inbox Insight can help you improve efficiencies and grow business by delivering industry news, process and technology details, and event information. Sign up today, and stay current and competitive with every issue. CASE IN POINT 40 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: DECEMBER 2018

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