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DEC 2018

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:: The production processes that Micro-Mechanics puts in place are a carryover of its overall philosophy—to find efficiencies everywhere. The addition of solar panels in the parking area and on the roof of the building also play to this strategy. ensure that a collision will not occur once the machining cycle is started. e app is performing as it was envisioned—simplifying the setup process and eliminating potential user error. Mr. Borch explains, "From a digital standpoint, before the app, we had to go in and attach the tools manually to those positions. Now it's all done simply by scanning the QR code. It mimics physically putting those tools in. We strive to eliminate setup time on the line." Because lathe tools are difficult to set, shops may have a tendency to leave them in the turret if there are available positions. But modeling the extraneous tools is impractical, and the odds of a collision can quickly increase with them still in play. Micro-Mechanics' policy is to remove all the work- holding from the machine and all the tools from the turret and clear all the tool data and collision avoidance data that is held in the control each time a new job is set up. is process ensures that only what is needed for the next job is present in the ensuing setup. When the QR code for the next job is scanned, all the data from the previous job is automatically cleared and all of the data for the new job is loaded into the control. Results Speak Volumes Not only does the app greatly reduce errors in setup, it has also largely cut setup times. Mr. Borch says jobs that in the past would commonly take hours to set up can now be done in as little as 10 minutes. As the company adds additional Okuma turning centers, the app can easily be loaded onto the new machines. According to Casey Croussore, senior software engineer at Okuma, it could also be expanded to accommodate machining centers. "We can't put the app in a box and sell it as-is because it is written around Micro-Mechanics' architecture," Mr. Croussore says. "But the same tech- nology can be used with pretty much any application or customer, developing it case by case. We will be adding a more generic version of the app to the Okuma AppStore down the road." Micro-Mechanics has maintained a strong working relationship with Okuma and its integrator, Gosiger, to cut costs and streamline its production process. ey continue to look for further ways to automate as much as possible, increase efficiencies and minimize errors. As the company continues to expand and add capabilities, this strategy will play a key role. Micro-Mechanics | 408-779-2927 | Gosiger Automation | 937-228-5174 | Okuma America Corp. | 704-588-7000 | Here's another article on this topic: e Effects of Automation on Manufacturing Companies that are not currently using automation in their manufacturing processes should be considering it. LINK :: ATTENTION SWISS MACHINE BUILDERS AND USERS... Prospect Heights, IL 847-749-0633 Heimatec now offering Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushings for Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathes. All popular brands. Smooth bore, groove bore, straight nose, tapered nose and other styles of collets available in various sizes. Adjustable, profile and reinforced shank style guide bushings, too. All brought to you by the leader in Live Tools... Heimatec. A perfect match! NEW FROM HEIMATEC tecnicrafts R An App to Simplify Setups :: 37

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