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QUICK DISCONNECT COUPLERS ALL QUICK CONNECT COUPLERS: PNEUMATIC AND HYDRAULIC, PLUGS, SLEEVES, BODIES, VALUES, FITTINGS, ETC. ALL MATERIALS, HEAT TREAT PLATING AND ASSEMBLY. JOHN J. STEUBY CO Please call or send your orders and inquiries to: Jack Steuby 6002 N. Lindbergh, St. Louis, MO 63042 Ph: 314.895.1000 • Fax: 314.895.9814 Quality is our BEST salesman! MJ TOOL & MANUFACTURING, INC. Phone: 860.352.2688 ACCESSORIES FOR LIGHTS-OUT OPERATIONS 12 Bin and 40 Bin Carrousels Belt Conveyor Accumulation Table CNC Lathe Combines Siss Turning and Laser Cutting LaserSiss is a Tsugami B0125-III ith a fully integrated laser cutting system. The compact, 12-mm, five- axis Siss-type CNC lathe is the smallest LaserSiss the company offers. ccording to Business Development Director Dan alker, the company designed the B0125 LaserSiss for shops that typically perform tube cutting operations ith standard tube cutting machines. In addition to laser tube cutting, the product enables turning operations, such as adding a chamfer ithout having to move the part to another machine or outsourcing those operations. The product is the only 12-mm machine on the market that combines Siss turning and laser cutting ithin a fully integrated platform, according to the company. It has 10 tool positions in addition to the laser, and it is convertible beteen a traditional Siss-typelathe or ith an optional chucker kit. :: Tsugami/Rem Sales LLC 860-687-3400, Toolholding System ccessories Control Chip Removal Rego-Fix introduced several additions and accessories to its PoRgrip (PG) toolholding line. These include different collet sizes and styles, an optional feature for its ER floating toolholder line and a tool assembly assistant called Torco-Block. The PG 15 0.500" and 12-mm collets represent a thin-alled collet style that maximizes tool size holding capability. Previously, 0.5"-diameter tools required the use of larger size PG 25 collets, hile the ne PG 15 collets no offer the same holding capacity. HSK 20E and HSK 125 PG 32 XL toolholders further expand the company's system line and excel in applications that require large-diameter, long-length tools, according to the company. In addition to these holders, the company also introduced SK +40 holders and Rego+ holders in the European SK 40 taper. For its floating line, coolant-through mini floating holders are shocased. ith this option, shops gain all the benefits of internal coolant capability: chip control, long tool life and superior surface finishes, the company says. :: Rego-Fix Tool Corp. 317-870-5959, PRODUCTS 44 PRODUCTION MCHINING :: NOVEMBER 2018

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