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44YPEBLADESAND (OLLOW'ROUNDBLADES t-FORGENERALUSAGEWITH EXCELLENTTOUGHNESS t#OBALTFORHIGHESTHEATRESISTANCE ANDHIGHER20-APPLICATIONS t t40-FORDIFFICULTTOMACHINE MATERIALSWITHGOODHEATRESISTANCE -ICROGRAIN#ARBIDE4IPPED$OUBLE %ND44YPEBLADESAND3INGLE%ND (OLLOW'ROUNDBLADES 3OLID#ARBIDE44YPEBLADESFOR LONGERWEARLESSGALLINGAND BETTERFINISHATHIGHSPEEDS !LLBLADESAVAILABLETINCOATED #54/&& ",!$%3 02%-)%24//,).'&/24(%-!.5&!#452).').$53429 3COTT2OAD7ATERBURY#4 0(/.% &!8 #ALL4ODAYFOR/UR&REE4OOLING#ATALOG WWWSOMMATOOLCOMSALES SOMMATOOLCOM Thread Former Delivers Reliable Surface Finishes The TC420 Supreme thread former from alter US features a substrate and a polygon geometry that provides reliable forming, less friction and a long tool life. In addition, its polished surface yields a better surface finish than is usually achieved ith thread cutting. This combination of features enables the product to have a long tool life by producing as much as 30 percent loer torque ith higher cutting speeds. The product features various cool- ant configurations, thread tolerances, chamfer forms and overall lengths. This thread former can be used universally since it is ide- ally suited for most ISO material groups. pplications include 3.5 × DN ith grooves/internal coolant and 3.0 × DN ithout grooves and internal coolant. :: alter US LLC 800-945-5554, Inspection Systems Handle Different Measurement ttributes Zeiss Industrial Metrology introduced a line of surface roughness inspection systems. Surfcom Touch, an entry-level portable model ith three small tracing drivers handles measurements ith different attributes. For surface and roughness measurements in one portable, compact system, the Surfcom Touch 50 is especially useful, the com- pany says. desktop Surfcom Touch 550 system is offered for high accuracy inspection of large parts. The transportable systems are available ith three small and light skidded tracing drivers for various measurement types. These machines inspect horizontal and vertical surfaces in narro areas ith a transverse trace. The 50 model offers skidless measurement ith a high-perfor- mance pickup, high resolution and a ide measuring range, the com- pany says. Various orkpieces can be measured by changing out the stylus for deep, long or small holes or a round surface. This model offers a large measuring range (50-mm X axis) and high resolution (0.1 nm) in one system. The high-performance pickup of the 550 model has a mea- surement range as high as 1,000 micrometers and a Z-axis mini- mum resolution of 0.0001 micrometer. :: ZEISS Industrial Metrology US 800-327-9735, :: 43 PRODUCTS To submit your company's product, contact Lori Beckman at System Combines Parts Cleaning Processes Blackstone-NEY Ultrasonics, a division of Cleaning Technologies Group, introduces the Rotosonic, a spray and ultrasonic combination aqueous parts cleaning system. The system is designed to clean heavily soiled parts in a single machine, so users do not have to purchase separate spray cabinets and ultrasonic machines. The system can perform one or both cleaning processes, depending on the user's needs. The machine is designed to be compact and eliminates safety risks involved ith moving parts from asher to asher, according to the company. :: Cleaning Technologies Group LLC 513-870-0100

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