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CLENING TECH BRIEF :: 39 :: To make an educated choice about the correct vapor degreasing method to use, a shop should consider the type of parts it intends to clean on its machine. zeotrope Degreasing An azeotrope is a blend of two or more components which, when mixed together, behave as if they were one chemical, delivering the benets of a mixture of dierent elements with the convenient handling and storage of a single compound. It is a stable mixture that remains together in the liquid and vapor phases, so the structure stays the same throughout the vapor degreasing process. For example, •ammable and non-•ammable ingredi- ents can be combined to produce a stable, non-•ammable mixture, an important safety benet. •is makes cleaning simpler, safer and more reliable. Azeotropes use lters and membranes to distill rather than trap contamination. •ey then can be repuried while the contamination is "locked" into the liquid at the bottom of the vapor degreasing machine. Azeotropes can be modied to obtain physical proper- ties, making the blends useful across a range of applica- tions and on a variety or combination of organic, inorganic and particulate contaminants. •is means they work well on most substrates and •uorinated azeotropes, with the added benet of not requiring acid monitoring. Because they can be tailored to the contamination, azeotropic mixes can clean much faster than some A CLEANING TECHNOLOGIES GROUP CO. LEANJET RB-2: Wash, Rinse, Dry ■ Spray/immersion/ultrasonics for challenging parts. ■ Fully scalable for higher volumes. ■ Process baskets or custom fixtures. IMMERSION PARTS CLEANING | 8 00.76 6.6 6 06 For more information contact: For more information contact: For more information contact:

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