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NOV 2018

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?????? Cleaning Customer Support :: 37 FOR A BRITE FUTURE Call Today for a FREE SAMPLE • Multi-purpose, general maintenance cleaners • OSHA non-hazardous cleaners • Heavy duty cleaners • Parts washer cleaners • Spray cleaners • Soak cleaners ...and more! Your # 1 Source for Industrial Cleaning Solutions 1.888.822.7483 • To learn more, visit our website or call us today! Precision Plus has been a PMP member since 1992. Supporting Roll e Roll parts cleaning system is the type of equipment a company typically only has one of. erefore, it must run continually, day in and day out, reliably and eciently, with good customer support behind it that will address a problem immediately. "When you have catastrophic failure, as we did with our previous supplier, it creates a lot of anxiety," Mr. Reader says. "But when you know there's a problem and you have immediate support—you have centrally located service personnel that can be here in short order—it means a lot." Mr. Reader says he not only found excellent customer service when he called Mr. Schmidt; he has continued to experience it beyond the initial purchase of the Roll parts cleaning unit. Along with a custom cleaning machine that doubled Precision Plus' throughput, the company received error prevention and "green" cleaning technology, as well as other beneƒts. JCom (Roll's U.S. distributor) | 317-343-4555 | Precision Plus | 262-743-1700 |

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