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36 PRODUCTION MCHINING :: NOVEMBER 2018 PRTS CLENING :: benefit of using the Roll unit is that its oil is recyclable; Precision Plus reuses it in its scre machines. The oils are separated from the solvents using the unit's distillation system, hich continuously cleans the solvents. tasks. It has the ability for the service team to 'dial in' to run diagnostics and troubleshoot the issues remotely, saving valuable time and travel expense." Two Precision Plus operators know the machine well and spread their time out over 16 hours, or two shifts a day, •ve days a week. •e smallest parts that the shop cleans in the unit are around 0.030 inch in diameter to 2.5 inches in diameter, according to Ryan Reader. Batch sizes can be from 500 to 5,000 parts, with parts either randomly placed in the basket or placed in •xtures that Schmidt describes as click-and- snap plastic inserts. •ey can be easily rearranged or taken out of a basket, another time-saving feature. He says there are diˆerent inserts for diˆerent types of parts, as well. 2095 East Big Beaver, Suite 350 Troy, MI 48084 248.457.0023 How clean are Your Parts? How to Measure Cleanliness? Microscopic analysis of residue particles on filter membranes Fully automated analysis process Automatic recognition of metallic particles Cleanliness analysis according to ISO 16232, VDA V19

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