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?????? Cleaning Customer Support :: 35 :: The Roll system as custom built ith adapter frames to accommodate the use of baskets from Precision Plus' previ- ous cleaning unit. To baskets can be used at the same time, doubling throughput. and he says the manufacturer's word was solid. "I gave him the green light on Monday, and sure enough, that Wednesday, the truck was here, and Wednesday night, the trainer was here, educating us on how to run the new system," Mr. Reader says. e Roll Advantage model is a hydrocarbon-based cleaning unit and is a larger machine than the company's prior cleaning system. According to Mr. Reader, using the new system doubles the company's throughput and allows it to cue six times the quantity of parts that it had been able to handle in the prior system. Although Precision Plus is pleased with the Roll's perfor- mance, company management continues to also focus on the excellent customer service it is receiving with this machine. "We can text or email the tech guys right away when there's an issue or a question, and they get back with us within the hour," says Ryan Reader, Mike Reader's son and the assistant production manager at Precision Plus. Concerns Put to Rest When the shop -rst implemented the Roll unit, one of Mr. Reader's concerns was the fact that he had purchased expen- sive baskets to go with the old cleaning unit, and he didn't want to have to repurchase new baskets. Roll had a perfect solution for that: Build an adapter frame that works as a carrier and -ts every kind of basket the shop already owned. "Fifty percent of Roll machines are customized," says Roland Schmidt, VP of sales at Roll. "We make frames for this reason all the time. We want customers to not only use our new baskets but to use their existing baskets as well." ese adapter frames in the unit have allowed use of two of the old baskets in the work chamber at the same time, doubling throughput. Another concern after purchasing the new machine was preventing operator error. "We had human error with the old machine. It put a lot of parts in places they shouldn't go, and messed up the valves and seals," Mr. Reader says. But the Roll machine's design naturally prevents this from happening. "For times when the customer forgets to close the lid on a basket, Roll put an automatic basket lid inside the work chamber," Mr. Schmidt says. He explains another preventive measure built into the Roll consists of a second screen in front of the work chamber, so if a part is placed in the work chamber, it can't travel to the pumps, which would cause damage. Another bene-t to the Roll machine's implementation in the shop is that its oil is recyclable—Precision Plus reuses it in its screw machines. e oils are separated from the solvents using the Roll unit's distillation system. "In order to meet cleaning speci-cations, the unit has a second distillation tank that is separate from the system and continuously cleans the solvents; the solvents are kept at a very high level of cleanliness," Mr. Schmidt says. "e oil in the system is 5 percent solvent or modi-ed alcohol/hydrocarbon, because it needs to be lique-ed enough to Œow out of the distillation unit. e oil is then put in a bucket or 55-gallon drum in order to be reused," he says. Not only does Precision Plus bene-t from oil reuse from the system, but longer life of the solvent, as well. According to Mr. Schmidt, the solvent can stay in the system for a long period, since it is continuously being cleaned. "I have customers who have not added or changed the solvent in more than two years," he says. Overall, he says, the Roll unit has fast throughput while also reaching the highest cleanliness speci-cations. "Two reasons for this are the unit's ultrasonic system and the pressure Œooding technology," he says. "We induce up to 180 psi of solvent in the work chamber from 40 to 50 spray nozzles in order to enhance the cleaning e—ect while the parts are submerged. Cleaning Up ith Time/Labor Savings Mr. Reader describes the Roll unit, Precision Plus's only cleaning system, as a batch processing system with an automatic conveyor heat system that allows the company to cue three baskets at a time. is permits an operator to walk away from the system for a few minutes while it is operating. "We have seen a lot of savings in labor using this new unit," he says. "Someone doesn't have to be sitting there watching every basket, which frees up time to do other important

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