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34 PRODUCTION MCHINING :: NOVEMBER 2018 PRTS CLENING :: Precision Plus President Mike Reader (right) and his son and assistant production manager, Ryan Reader, stand in front of the Roll hydrocarbon-based cleaning unit their company purchased last October. Customer Support Cleans Up a Tough Situation Often, what sets one cleaning machine and its OEM apart from another is the service that comes with it and that stands by long after the initial setup. By Lori Beckman S ometimes it's not as critical to focus on a piece of equipment's capability as it is the type of customer service received from that equipment's manufac- turer or supplier. Often, dierent brands of equipment can get the same job completed equally well, but what sets one machine and its OEM apart from another is the service that comes with it and that stands by long after the initial setup. When a system fails, whether because of operator error or any other reason, it delays production of parts for a shop's customers, the machine is deemed ine•cient, and it causes stress (at the very least) for all involved. Equipment that comes with solid customer service from a supplier that understands a shop's urgent need for service is what any shop hopes for when purchasing equipment. Precision Plus of Elkhorn, Wisconsin, has been fortunate enough to -nd a parts cleaning system that comes with reliable customer service, and one that saved the company a lot of downtime when its previous cleaning system ceased production as a result of operator error in October 2017. "I knew I would have to wait three to four weeks for service when this machine went down, and I couldn't aord to do that," says Mike Reader, Precision Plus president. Recognizing his desperate need for clean parts, Mr. Reader decided to take another route to solve the problem. He called on Roll, a maker of parts cleaning machines that are manufactured in Germany and headquartered locally in Indianapolis, Indiana. Quick Solution Founded in 1982, Precision Plus has expanded from a startup precision machined parts shop to a successful business. "e company owns 24 CNC Swiss-type lathes, nine Miyano CNC turret lathes and 70 Tornos cam-actuated machines for very small, close-tolerance work. "e shop machines parts as small as 0.030 inch in diameter to parts that are 2.5 inches in diameter, using materials including stainless, carbon, alloy, aluminum and brass. "We do a lot of work in the hydraulic and pneumatic controls area," Mr. Reader says, "as well as a number of items for dental, medical and aerospace industries— components with a lot of tiny holes and intersecting features, where the use of the Roll machine to clean inside those nooks and crannies has proven to be bene-cial." Mr. Reader had quickly realized he made the right decision when he chose to contact Roll for a new machine. "e manufacturer had a unit on the showroom œoor in Indianapolis at the time he called. "I asked them, 'if it came down to it, how long will it take to pack up that unit and send it here?'" he says. "They said, 'We can have it on a truck tomorrow and to your place the following day, and likely running the day after that.' There was no haggling about the cost, either." Given that Mr. Reader only wanted clean parts for his customers in a timely manner, he took Roll up on the oer,

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