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For more articles on this topic: LINK :: us back," she says. "We are now looking at possibly going into fabricating, either joining forces with or purchasing another company down the road." Ms. Sommers is pushing Lakeview to become involved in parts production in markets with high growth possibilities. One example is parts for robotic applications. She believes there will be exponential growth in the technology over the next •ve years. "I'm going after some of those customers. at way, in a few years when they're ready to grow, we'll be ready to grow with them. We do have a couple of new customers on the horizon. I don't want to give their names, but they are in the new age of automotive." Employee Development Employee development is important to Ms. Sommers, both inside the walls of Lakeview Precision and outside within the community. "We highly encourage and empower our employees to continue their personal development and education within our industry," Ms. Sommers says. e company is actively working with Elgin Community College, which is o„ering personalized training classes. Ms. Sommers is also checking into classes o„ered by the PMPA and the Technology and Manufacturing Association. "Online classes are a great way to start," she says. "We give employees the basics online and then we take them out on the shop ‡oor and teach them. Continuing education is a part of the company's culture. Virtually everyone started out here as a parts washer or maintenance person and moved up. ere are high-school level initiatives, too. We had two interns from Bartlett High School last year, and three of them work for us in the summertime. We've had more again this past summer." Ms. Sommers also encourages her employees to get involved within the community and they do. She says the company is known as a community supporter. "We also donate to and support local fundraising events," she says. Ms. Sommers believes that Lakeview Precision Machining Products is part of a community for a larger purpose than simply to make the owners more money. Absolute Machine Tools Inc. | 440-960-6911 | Lakeview Precision Machining Inc. | 847-742-7170 | Family Team Debbie Sommers' three daughters ork at Lakevie Precision Machining. Ms. Sommers' sister and nephe are employees, too. The general manager's daughter is a quality inspector, and a pair of brothers ork in production. "Family relatives ork here, but honestly, everybody is looked at as family," Ms. Sommers says. s she carried out her plans for the business, "Having a support team is so critical. If you think you're a lone ranger, if you think you're doing it on your on, look out. You have to have your team. It's more than your team, it's your family," Ms. Sommers says. team effort has been essential in Lakevie's progress. "Eleven years ago, being a oman in business as a big deal. I got invited to do things, and I had to say no. I just had to focus on my girls and focus on keeping my business afloat," she recalls. "The team kne hat I as up against, and they helped. "s a oman general manager," Ms. Sommers says, "I found that some people ould talk to me as if I really didn't kno much. That's old-school thinking, but that's the ay it as. That bothered me a little, but I didn't let it stop me." No, she says, "Some people look at me differently hen they find out that I on the company. I don't like that, either. hether you're an oner, or hatever it is that you do, you're valued and you're important." Ms. Sommers believes that balancing home and ork helps her be more sensitive to employees and their needs. hen I as raising my daughters, e couldn't plan much groth at the company. I anted to essentially maintain because I kne I had to be there for my daughters. No they're on their on, they're doing their on thing, and it is our chance to gro." :: (Left to right) ccountant Emily Mitchell (Ms. Sommers' daughter); production planner and certified shopfloor manager, Casandra Sommers (another daughter); Debbie Sommers; and Michelle LaPonte (Ms. Sommers' sister), responsible for ISO and quality control/process functions. Lakevie Precision Machining Inc., a PMP member since 2008. Evolving ith CNC Turning :: 29

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