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Single-Pass Skiving and Roller Burnishing for Hydraulic Cylinders By Chris Koepfer newly introduced machine and tool combination from Sunnen streamlines skiving and roller burnishing by combining both operations into a single-stroke process on a single tool. In operation, the leading skiving section of the tool acts as a rougher typically removing 0.030 inch of material or more depending on the application. It is followed by the roller burnishing tool, which nishes the bore surface to a 6-microinch nish or better. Combining these operations into a single pass results in a system that is 60 to 70 percent faster than traditional honing processes with comparable size tolerance and surface nish results. •e combination skiving and roller burnishing process is designed to successfully nish a variety of part types in various materials. It is especially suitable for high produc- tion hydraulic cylinder applications. •e Sunnen machine is available in two models—the SHD 2400 for part lengths of up to 2 meters and the SHD 4400 for part lengths ranging up to 4 meters. •e bore diameters range from 2 to 7 inches (51 to 178 mm), which represents about 70 percent of the high volume hydraulic cylinder market. •e addition of skiving and roller burnishing to Sunnen's traditional honing product portfolio expands the company's coverage of the precision bore nishing market. •e combination skiving and roller burnishing tool comes from Sunnen's acquisition of U.S. manufacturer of deep hole tooling and systems for primary hole generation, BTA Heller. "By augmenting its honing solutions with skiving/roller burnishing capabilities, Sunnen is able to o"er an objective consultation on the most cost-e"ective bore nishing process for each bore-sizing application," says Phil Hanna, Sunnen product manager. "•e skiving/roller burnishing addition makes the company a one-stop shop for machines, tools, coolant systems, cutting ˜uids and chip management, all designed to reduce costs and improve e™ciency for bore-nishing operations." •e SHD machine is powered by a 76-hp (57-kW) spindle motor that uses an inverter drive for optimum power. It tracks on 2.16-inch (55-mm) linear ways that provide smooth, non-stick slip feed for maximum control of the cutting head. Its ballscrews are 3.25 inches (80 mm) :: Shon is the model SHD 2400, hich processes orkpieces up to 2 m in length. second model is available for cylinders up to 4 m in length. :: In operation, the Sunnen SHD machine performs both skiving and roller burnishing processes in a single stroke of the machine. TECH BRIEF 24 PRODUCTION MCHINING :: NOVEMBER 2018

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