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OCT 2018

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PRODUCTS Punch Tap's Tooth Geometry Threads Fast Emuge Corp.'s Punch Tap line forms helical threads in cast and rought aluminum alloys and similar lighteight materials. The product is made from a HSSE-PM alloy optimized for toughness and long ear. Its tooth geometry design shortens tool paths to produce internal threads in less than half a second, consuming less energy and reducing threading time by 75 percent, accord- ing to the company. This makes the product ideal for high- volume applications. Before threading, the tool punches into a pre-drilled hole, and the first tooth of each flute creates a helical groove, hich helps guide the tap to the application depth. The thread is then pro- duced ith a half left turn, and each tooth of the tap produces half a thread. fter the threads are formed, the tap is retracted in a helical movement from the hole via the grooves. The finished, cold- formed thread is interrupted by to helical grooves offset by 180 degrees. This design enables a tool path that is approximately 15 times shorter for an M6 thread ith a depth of 15 mm compared ith traditional cutting or cold-forming taps, the company says. Thread strength is said to be comparable ith conventionally machined threads from a thread depth of 2×D. This product is used for blind and through holes, and the production of metric threads from M3 through M10 ith thread depths ranging to 2×D (also available in sizes ranging #8 through 5 / 16 "). The taps have internal coolant supply using emulsion or minimum quantity lubrication (MQL). They are designed to be used on CNC machines programmed ith a specialized punch-tap cycle. Machine param- eters ill require adjustment for some applications. :: Emuge Corp. 800-323-3013, Robot Eases utomation for CNC Shops Okuma Corp. is introducing a free-standing robotic loading and unloading platform that is designed to make automation affordable for any size CNC shop. product of utomation ithin Reach, Load & Go is designed to be simple to install and operate, using an intuitive, menu-driven HMI that eliminates the need for advanced programming skills. Four parts draers accommodate a range of round, square or rectangular part IDs and ODs for lo-volume, high-mix pro- duction runs, providing versatility to meet changing customer demands. rotary table version is also available. The ability to store part programs and adjustable, universal part templates in the draer version enables complete change-overs in less than 10 minutes, according to the company. Because Load & Go is compact and self-contained, installa- tion consists of locating the unit opposite the door of the CNC machine it tends, bolting it to the floor and connecting electrical poer, air supply and Ethernet. Load & Go enables CNC shops to automate labor-intensive loading and unloading ith a minimal investment that can reduce cost-per-part and deliver fast ROI. :: Okuma merica Corp. 704-588-7000, ATTENTION SWISS MACHINE BUILDERS AND USERS... Prospect Heights, IL 847-749-0633 Heimatec now offering Tecnicrafts collets and guide bushings for Swiss Type CNC Automatic Lathes. All popular brands. Smooth bore, groove bore, straight nose, tapered nose and other styles of collets available in various sizes. Adjustable, profile and reinforced shank style guide bushings, too. All brought to you by the leader in Live Tools... Heimatec. A perfect match! NEW FROM HEIMATEC tecnicrafts R PRODUCTS 42 PRODUCTION MCHINING :: OCTOBER 2018

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