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OCT 2018

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Page 36 of 51 :: 35 SPECIL COVERGE machines for our M16 carrier and bolt parts," he says. "We run an eight-hour shift, and then after the day shift, we run lights out all night. I come in the next morning, and the machines are still running parts to print. •ese mutlitasking machines allow for more family time, they allow me to do more things with my time and still make money." With new technology, Axem grew even faster. "•e lights- out technology that these machines enable put me on the path to reach my vision, and I know they will get me to my ultimate goal, which is 100 Eurotechs running lights out. We have been successful. We reinvest all the money back into the company, and I can share the pro-t with our great team. We can be competitive because we have fewer employees and lower overhead," Mr. Dowell says. •en in 2017, it was decided a new corporate o„ce was needed in order to expand operations. A 40,000-square-foot building in Gallatin, Tennessee, was built, and by April 2018, the company had settled in and also added two Eurotech triple-turret Multiplas. "I am very proud of what we have done with these machines; anyone who visits is blown away by what we are doing," Mr. Dowell says. Only -ve minutes from this facility is a state park where Mr. Dowell trains two hours a day. "We get tooling changed out in the morning, and then I go for a six- to 12-mile run on my lunch break," he says. "I like to be active and am always training for another Spartan race." •is same mentality is how Mr. Dowell runs his shop. He keeps it pristine, disciplined and organized with a process that allows lights-out production without any of the many problems that manufacturers sometimes face. His process takes into consideration tool changes so lights out is never interrupted, and he has also designed a coolant system that feeds the machine 24/7 and is presently designing a way to keep oils cool in the machine, all without human intervention. •e building in Tennessee is also designed to run lights out. "From an auto -ll system for coolant to a robot I'm designing that will empty chips during the day and night, I'm keeping the machines running without human inter- vention," Mr. Dowell says. "•e machines running lights out with little intervention allows me to take care of the sales side of the business." Mr. Dowell's philosophy has a lot to do with his success. "Address what-ifs and checkmarks before they rear their ugly head," he says. "A lot of machinists with experience of at least 25 years know what can go wrong with lights-out machining. My philosophy is why not go ahead and make a list of these potential pitfalls and check them o– your list so you can eliminate them and avoid possible failures. For instance, turrets can't index unless they are already home. I've never crashed a machine because the parameters to prevent this are in place. "It's too tough to -nd good people who really want to work. I invest in equipment and technology so the few people I hire are well rewarded," Mr. Dowell says. Axem has so little overhead, the company is able to make parts cheaper than competitors. "Winning bids is easy for us because of our production capability from lights-out technology. With it, we don't have close to the overhead the other companies have," Mr. Dowell says. "We are able to machine with more quality, and we have a better- looking part. Other companies have to hand grind and polish, but we don't have to because of this technology." Axem Distributing Inc. | 615-850-7960 | Eurotech Elite | 352-799-5223 | Here's another article on this topic: High Mix, Low Volume Shop Redenes roughput for Aerospace Parts -is shop implemented Eurotech Elite turn-mill machines to produce a range of custom components for the aerospace industry. LINK :: :: xem has built a 40,000-square-foot corporate office in Gallatin, Tennessee, to house its expanded operations. :: fter the day shift, xem runs lights out all night, producing M16 carrier parts and bolts.

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