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OCT 2018

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Röhm cquires Master orkHolding Röhm Products of merica Inc. has acquired Master orkHolding Inc. The acquisition enables Röhm to combine its 100 years of orkholding experience ith Master ork- Holding's 30 years of experience to deliver a range of orkholding and automation products for all CNC equipment. "ith Master orkHolding joining the Röhm team, e ill be able to deliver even more comprehensive orkholding and au- tomation solutions," says Matthe Mayer, CEO for Röhm Products of merica. Master orkHolding is specialized in the design and manufacture of custom prismatic orkholding for manufacturers around the orld. Folloing the acquisition, the com- pany ill serve as Röhm's North merican manufacturing entity and provide the com- pany ith prismatic clamping fixtures. :: Master orkHolding Inc. 828-437-0011, :: Röhm Products of merica 770-963-8440, :: Seco Tools Selects MachineMetrics to Help ith Transformation Seco Tools is expanding its customer service capabilities through a partnership ith Ma- chineMetrics. MachineMetrics' manufactur- ing analytics engine ill provide Seco and its customers a technological resource for its advancement into Industry 4.0. Seco plans to use the MachineMetrics' Industrial IoT platform and its manufactur- ing analytics applications as a cornerstone in its expansion into ne technology services. ith data provided by Machine- Metrics, Seco ill help its customers make data-driven decisions to improve their efficiency and bottom line. Leveraging Seco's experience in tooling ith MachineMetrics' data collection capa- bilities ill help both Seco and MachineMet- rics customers gain a deeper understanding of hat's happening ith their tools in real time. These insights may include predicting tool life, preventing tool breakages, and feed and speed optimization. :: MachineMetrics 413-341-5747, :: Seco Tools LLC 248-528-5200, :: Heidenhain nnounces Ne CEO David Doyle has been appointed CEO of Heidenhain Corp. and assumes full respon- sibility for the customer-focused operations for the company in the U.S., Canada and Mexico. This change completes the succes- sion plan for Rick Korte, the most recent CEO, ho retired after more than 34 years of service. :: Heidenhain Corp. 800-233-0388, Tiger·tec ® Gold Go for better, go for Gold. For those who won't settle for anything but the best: Tiger·tec ® Gold If you had to make a choice right now – between maximum tool life, uncompromising process reliability and optimum productivity – which one would you pick? Why not choose the freedom to never have to choose again. Stay true to your own high standards in every way. Choose Tiger·tec ® Gold. NES 14 PRODUCTION MCHINING :: OCTOBER 2018

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