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IMTS PRODUCTS :: 63 Vertical Milling Center Reduces Vibration Hardinge Inc. | South Building | Level 3 | Booth 338738 Hardinge's Bridgeport V1320 vertical milling center is an addition to the Bridgeport V- series vertical milling center line. The center is equipped with dual Y-axis ballscrews to improve surface quality, reduce vibration, provide acceleration, improve roundness ac- curacy and increase tool life. The center also comes equipped with the Mitsubishi M80, 15" screen. The M80 comes standard with two 32-GB SD card slots for memory expansion, USB running, touchscreen, high accuracy modes and super smooth surface software. The center will also have six linear guide trucks on the X and Z axis and rear chip evacuation. TRUE ORIGINALS 1.800.281.5734, Germantown, WI USA HAINBUCH clamping heads [collets] are the »true originals« when it comes to clamping technology. Whether it's the SPANNTOP round or the TOPlus hexagonal – HAINBUCH leads the way with industry changing innovations. Booth # 431636 West Hall Tool Mills Groove in Tight Spaces Mikron Corp. Monroe - Cutting Tool Division | South Building and West Building and Annex Level 3 | Booth 338481, 432485 The CrazyMill Cool P&S three-flute solid carbide plunge mill from Mikron Tool drills a groove into solid material and finishes workpieces in one operation. The groove can be as small as 1 mm (0.039") in diameter. The tool suits operations in which grooves and pockets need to be milled in small spaces, such as keyways used for drive shafts of motors. The tool's geometry is designed to enable process-stable, vibration-free plunging. A correction in the center stabilizes the central cutting edge and reduces the penetration force. A large chip area in the top section collects a good quantity of chips and then evacuates these laterally into large chip flutes. Adapted chip and relief angles and stable cutting edge corners avoid lateral hooking-up and the subsequent breaking-out of the cutting edges because of vibrations. The mill has coolant ducts integrated into the shank, which bring the coolant directly to the cutting edges to provide constant and targeted cooling. This reduces the overheat- ing and chipping of edges, even with high speeds and feeds. The chips are continuously flushed from the milling area with conven- tional external coolant supply. Geometry and cooling, combined with a heat- and wear-resistant coating and the use of a fine-grain carbide, contribute to good tool performance. The tool can achieve a chip removal rate of 1×D (ap). According to the company, the tool offers extended life and is suitable for small diam- eters in stainless steels and titanium.

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