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CLEANING TECH BRIEF 50 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: SEPTEMBER 2018 Removing Contaminants Using CO 2 Snow F unctional surfaces are an indispensable adjunct to innovations in mechanical engineering—and sometimes they are the actual drivers of change, says Dr. omas Schräder, managing director of the Air-Handling Technology sector of the German Engineering Federation (VDMA). "Our sector is currently doing very well," he said at the opening press conference for Surface Technology Germany, held June 5-7, in Stuttgart. "Only a short while ago, our association revised its growth forecast for 2018 upwards to 5 percent. However, especially at times of very rapid growth, it By Barbara Schulz :: ACP GmbH says its in-line CO 2 snow process can remove particulate and filmy contamination from almost any material. without air… dirt… or steam! ItÕs whatÕs next. BEX EDUCTORS: Huge inventory – fast, "no hassle" ordering Talk with an applications expert now (734) 389-0464 More energy efficient than impellers or spargers Enables smaller pumps to circulate larger volumes No moving parts = zero maintenance Best tank circulation: (the solution IS the "solution!")

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