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4 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: SEPTEMBER 2018 Publisher Joe Campise jcampise@gardnerweb com Editor-in-Chief Chris Koepfer ckoepfer@productionmachining com Senior Editor Chris Felix cfelix@productionmachining com Managing Editor Lori Beckman lbeckman@productionmachining com European Correspondent Barbara Schulz bschulz@gardnerweb com Art Director Aimee Reilly areilly@gardnerweb com Advertising Production Manager Chris Larkins clarkins@gardnerweb com Marketing Manager Jessica Jeffries jjeffries@gardnerweb com 6915 Valley Avenue Cincinnati OH 45244-3029 P 513-527-8800 Fax 513-527-8801 Richard G Kline | Chairman and CEO Richard G Kline, Jr | President Travis Egan | Group Publisher Steve Kline, Jr | Chief Data Officer Ernest Brubaker | Chief Financial Officer Melissa Kline Skavlem | Chief Marketing Officer Phil Louis | Chief Technology Officer Julie Ball | Audience Development Manager William Caldwell | Advertising and Production Director Tom Beard | Custom Content Director Jeff Norgord | Creative Director Kate Hand | Editorial Operations Director Dave Necessary | Strategic Engagement Director Subscription Inquiries: For questions or issues related to your subscription, please call 513-527-8800 or email subscribe@productionmachining com ALSO PUBLISHER OF • Modern Machine Shop • MoldMaking Technology • Products Finishing • Automotive Design & Production • Plastics Technology / PT Handbook • CompositesWorld • Additive Manufacturing • Modern Machine Shop Mexico • Products Finishing Mexico • Products Finishing Directory • NPE Official Show Directory • IMTS Directory • Techspex Tramp Oil Removal Solids Removal Fluid Recycling Fluid Filtration Belt Skimmers Tank Side Coalescers Portable Coalescers Tramp Oil Separator Drum Top Sump Cleaners Portable Sump Cleaners Magnetic Rolls Magnetic Conveyors Centrifuge, Low Speed Bowl Stationary Coolant Recycling System SumpDoc ® Portable Inline Recycling Proportioners Canister Filters Gravity Bed Fil ter Rolled Media Vacuum Filter COMAT Superfiltration Systems STAR ® Permanent Media Vacuum Filter These low cost oil separators use an oleophilic belt dipping into a sump to continuously remove surface oils. Simple scraper and roller design improves performance and increases belt life. s Machine tool sumps s Parts washers s Ultrasonic cleaners An inexpensive sump-side coalescing unit that allows oils to rise naturally by providing a quiescent area not available in a turbulent sump. The mini-separator comes standard with a submersible pump. s Machine tool sumps A low-cost tramp oil separator to serve multiple sumps. The oleophilic coalescing plate pack efficiently removes free tramp oils and fines while the machine tool is running. These units can also be made stationary to work on large sumps or central systems. s Machine tool sumps s Parts washing This mobile recycling platform allows sump-side fluid recycling. The high- speed centrifuge processes water-miscible coolants and aqueous cleaners to remove free and emulsified tramp oils which are the most difficult types of oils to remove. s Machine tool sumps s Parts washers A low cost alternative to a dedicated sump cleaner, the drum top vacuum unit conver ts any open top drum into a powerful machine tool sump cleaner. s Machine tool sump cleaning Powerful vacuum cleans any machine tool sump quickly and thoroughly. Sludge and chips are filtered from the coolant. The coolant is either transported to a recycling system or returned directly to the sump. s Machine tool sumps The integral magnetic roll removes ferrous contaminants down to 15 micron. Ferrous p articles are attracted to the powerful ceramic magnet and removed from the coolant. Magnetic rolls are used to scalp ferrous on media filters. s Machine sumps s Scalping before disposable media Permanent magnets moving inside a liquid-tight, submersible housing attract, hold and convey ferrous chips, turnings, small parts and stampings. s Machine tool chip removal s Continuous removal of ferrous swarf s Conveying ferrous parts The open-topped rotor bowl spins at high speed creating centrifugal forces on the dirty coolant, packing solids into a "cake" against the wall of the removable liner. Cleaned coolant or oil overflows into the clean tank and returns to the machine tool. s Carbide grinding s Tool and cutter grinding s Glass and ceramic s Honing & microfinishing s Vibratory finishers Complete coolant and fluid management in a single machine. Recycles any water-miscible fluid to its maximum potential cleaning coolant to less than 0.5% emulsified tramp oil and 2-5 microns of particulate matter. The automatic proportioner mixer provides coolant make up and concentration control. s Batch coolant recycling The mobile SumpDoc ® provides "inline" fluid recycling. The SumpDoc moves from one machine sump to the next, seamlessly cleaning and rejuvenating the machine's coolant all in the background while your machine continues to produce parts. s Machine tool sump cleaning Accurately deliver the correct coolant concentrate to keep sumps in balance and cutting fluids at their peak operating levels. s Coolant management Filters remove small solid particulate suspended in coolants. Filters are available in m ultiple materials to handle a variety of cutting fluids. s Machine tool sumps s Parts washing s High pressure pumps s Polish coolant s Side loop filter These filters use gravity to force dirty coolant through a disposable roll filtration media. Standard units are designed with low coolant entry height allowing for gravity return from the machine tool. s Machining s Grinding Uses a centrifugal pump to draw dirt y coolant through a rolled media filter and an automatic conveyor to discharge spent media and solids. HydroFlow RMVFs offer superior filtration to 10 microns through an innovative seal preventing solids by-pass. The filter is designed for continuous service with minimal operator attention. Flow rates from 40 GPM to 1,500 GPM. The Superfiltration System removes contaminant particles larger than 3 µm f rom cutting oils while maintaining a stable desired temperature. The filter continuously regenerates its filter media with an economical cellulose pre-coat over 18" diameter dome shaped horizontal permanent elements. Typical applications include grinders, sharpening, lapping and honing machines to meet tight surface finishing tolerances. Primarily central system applications, this patented, automatic, continuous filter draws liquid through its permanent media STAR element. For extra-fine filtration,a feed of cellulose lines the elements surface creating a filter cake. Once the filter cake becomes dense enough to create a negative pressure, an automatic regeneration cycle initiates a backflow to remove the cake. A drag-out conveyor removes the solids. Flow rate up to 5,000 GPM, filtration to 1 micron. Ideal for blinding applications where roll media filters fail. s Central system filtration s Grinding, machining, superfinishing s Rolling Mills working with steel, carbide, glass, ceramic, aircraft alloys, cast-iron and aluminum 3-5 micron 50 microns 15 microns 5 microns 3-5 micron 3-5 micron 1-25% concentration To 3-5 micron Medium 8-10 microns To 3 micron nominal To 1 micron Up to 1.5 GPH oil removal 1-1.5 GPM 1-3 GPM 1-4 GPM 55 gallon 50-1000 gallons Up to 600 GPM depending on model To 5,000 lbs/hr 20-40 GPM Up to 10,000 gallons total plant sump capacity 85 GPM Vacuum Mode 90-120 gph Filtration Mode 5 GPM Low to high Low Up to 1,500 GPM 30 to 140 US GPM Nominal Up to 5,000 GPM Coolants Coolants Cleaners, coolants Water-miscible coolants and aqueous cleaners Coolants, oil Coolants, oil Coolant, water soluble, oil Coolants, oil Coolants, oil Water-miscible coolants and cleaner products Coolants Coolant Coolants, oil Water-based coolants, straight oil Oils, water-based coolants Cutting oils Oils, water-based coolants s Fast, simple belt changing s Low maintenance s Lower hang roller that will not fall off in the machine sump even in turbulent conditions s Open, accessible oil collecting tray with a convenient drain connector s Th ree oleophilic belt options s Heavy-duty steel construction with industrial- grade powder coat s Flow rate is up to 1.5 U.S. GPM s 15 gallon coalescing drum s Unique adjustable skimmer s Submersible pump s Sumps as shallow as 3" s Floating oil and dirty fluid collector s 264 square feet of coalescing area for maximum oil removal s Handles high temperature fluids s Heavy-duty self-priming electric pum p requires no flow rate adjustment s Easily removed and cleaned polypropylene coalescing plate pack s Easy rolling casters s Adjustable oil removal weir pipe s Compact and portable s Simple operation s High-speed, disc- bowl centrifuge s Built-in clean fluid centripetal discharge pump s Air pump and floating skimmer for feed s Automatic shut off when tramp oil collection tank is full s Manual or self cleaning models available s Heavy-duty drum cover fits 55 U.S. gallon drum s Air venturi vacuum generator s Positive sealing mechanical float for drum overfill protection s 2" dia. x 10' suction hose s 2" dia. x 36" cleaning tool s Capacities from 50 to 1,000 gallons s Single or twin compartment configuration s Push, tow, or truck mounted units s Large capacity sludge basket s Air, 115V single phase, 3-phase electric, or LP gas power sources s Complete with hoses and cleaning tools s Eight models s Various widths to match capacity requirements s Smooth-faced or extended-pole rolls s Continuously rotating or indexing models for capturing non-ferrous particles s One piece steel housing s Submersible s Self-cleaning s Easily installed s Continuous lubrication s Virtually maintenance free s Single and dual bowl models s No con sumable cost s No disposal of spent media s No stocking of media roll s 5 micron filtration s Environmentally acceptable s Can process up to 10,000 gallons of sump capacity on a scheduled coolant management program s Low maintenance, unattended operation s Side-by-side or stacked dirty and clean tanks s Coalescer and high-speed centrifuge remove tramp oils s Oil belt skimmer s Disc bowl centrifuge removes solids s Units to process multiple fluid types s Automatic proportioner mixer for concentration control s Three stage operation s Removes solids and tramp oils s Coolant evaluation and replenishment s Reclaim chips, solids and tramp oils s Minimize disposal and maintenance s AND NO interrupting machining operations s Includes digital refractometer s Ozone generator for bacteria control s On board holding ta nks with pump out s Water-driven, non-electrical s Supply fluid overhead to machine tools without booster pump s Concentration control s Reduces concentrate waste s Reliable and consistent s Adjustable s Special units for highly alkaline parts washing fluid, mixture ranges: s 8 oz E.M. 1-4% s 16 oz. S.S. 1-8% s 32oz. X.L. 2-15% s Bag, pleated bag or cartridge filter inserts available for wide range of applicati ons and cleanliness requirements s Uses disposable roll media s Low initial cost filter s Variety of sizes and capacities s Vacuum filtration s Vacuum filter pump s Packaged system s Conveyorized dirty tank s Automatic regeneration s Restrictive solids by-pass vacuum design s Fully automated operation s Touch screen controls s Contaminants: carbide, cermet, PCD, high speed steel, precious metals, cast iron, iron alloys, copper alloys, aluminum, ceramic, plastics s Fluid volume: 260 to 1,400 US gal s Filter media: cellulose powder, mineral powder s Filtering area: 32 to 160 sq. ft s Filter media consumption: 4.6 to 22 lbs per work cycle s Filtration to 1 micron, flow rates < 5,000 gpm s Patented STAR elements provide huge surface areas s Interchangeable filter elements s Positive seal connection s Permanent filter se ptum s Easily remove individual filter elements s Automatic precoat system s Backflow cake removal s Fully automatic operation s Touch screen controls s Conveyorized solids removal s Oil belt skimmer s Air pumps s Larger electric pumps s Adjustable feet for permanent installations s 316 stainless steel tanks for high or low pH fluids s 6 and 10 GPM models available s Large cartridge filter system for high solid ap plications s 120V single phase operation s Strainer and 50 micron cleanable pre-filter s Up to 5.3 ft 3 sludge basket s Hoses and cleaning tools s Powerful rare earth magnets available for removal of ferrous contaminant down to 3 micron s Integral hoppers or tanks s Coolant weir systems s Fine iron discharge s Custom designs to fit application requirements s Manually cleaned basket style s Pump to or pump back systems s Custom configurations available s Complete plant distribution and return header systems with pumping stations Drum Top Mixers Venturi Style s 3 and 10 GPM models s 2-20% mixture ratio range s Duplex and multiplex vessel designs available s Custom system designs s Magnetic prefilter s Clean tanks and return pumps s Fully integrated controls s High pressure clean coolant return pump s Precoat system s Au tomated coolant make-up system s Constant pressure control VFD s Pump back sump systems s Media rewinders s Magnetic prefilter s Temperature control s Double layer weave synthetic media s Stainless steel wedgewire, cloth or patented fuse-bonded stainless steel microscreen filter panels depending on application s High pressure clean coolant return pump s Automated coolant make-up system s Constant pressure co ntrol VFD s Pump back sump systems s Dual integrated tanks for capacities >10,000 GPM s General purpose filter for grinding and machining-individual machine, to small central system s Light oils, water soluble products s Machining s Grinding s Creep feed and CBN grinding s Rolling Mills s Steel & Stainless s Nickel Alloy s Aluminum s Cast Iron s Aircraft Alloys s Carbide s Composites Type Applications Fluid Type PRFM. LVL. Features Options Rates/ Capacity Satellite Tanks High Pressure Coolant Pumps Chillers Precoat Sifter Feeders and Slurry Tanks Filtration Accessories Removing Tramp Oils • Portable Tramp Oil Separator/Centrifuge • Self-cleaning Centrifuges • Stationary & Portable Coalescers • Surface Oil Skimmers Removing Solids • Solids-from-Liquid Centrifuges • Sump Cleaners • Magnetic Roll Cleaners Removing solids and tramp oils from coolants improves dimensional tolerance control, reduces surface finish imperfections, and extends both tool and coolant life. Eriez HydroFlow offers a complete line of equipment for: Improve Cutting Performance & Reduce Disposal Costs! 814.835.6000 Solid Removal Tramp Oil Separator/ Centrifuge Download our Full Line Selection Guide Booth 236560

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