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Are you searching to find out which transfer machine is most reliable and able to guarantee years of calm and safety for you and your production? Congratulations, your search ends here! Oscar Porta, a pioneer of transfer machine manufacturers since 1958, unveils the method, personally developed by him, to build reliable, indestructible and safe machines. GUARANTEED 10 YEARS!! In the 80's Oscar created a real revolution in the sector, introducing the first CNC transfer machine. In the beginning, his competitors laughed at the idea of the CNC ball screw instead of hydraulics, conventionally used to move the spindles. The main excuse of its competitors, to not recognize this innovation, was that "the CNC-controlled ball screws were a weak point and would wear out quickly" compared to the hydraulic movement which, at the time, all transfer machines used. Before the 10-year LICENSE expired, some companies began to copy the idea, because they were losing market shares and, by the end of the license, almost all of them offered spindles driven by CNC ball screws, thus confirming his revolutionary idea. This technology did not exist in America, and was an absolute innovation for them, so much so that he was contacted by the famous Connecticut machine tool builder Goss & DeLeeuw for a partnership. From this cooperation was born "GOSS / PORTA". Oscar was for many years in the "Board of Directors" of Goss & DeLeeuw, and the thing that fascinated him most about this company was the attention to detail with which they built their machines. But, he was fascinated even more by how long the machines lasted, so much that you can still find some Goss & DeLeeuw machines of 50-60 years ago (that still work well) in companies still in production. 2018 is an important year, because Oscar Porta introduces a new revolution in the transfer machine industry. Do you want to find out what? His team is waiting for you at the South Building, Booth 339352 – SUPERTRANSFER stand of the IMTS fair. Discover the method how we guarantee for 10 years a transfer machine. Oscar Porta Visit: SPONSORED CONTENT

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