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toolholders for solid clamping and quick change-over. Standard and accurate cutting tool interfaces encourage the use of offline tool presetters to speed up tool changes in the machine. Free Accessible Machining Area To accommodate change-over, anything not directly related to machining parts was eliminated from the working area of the machine. e enclosed cutting area contains no drive components or guideways, lubricating or coolant lines, or wiring. It's a clean workzone that better facilitates access for quick-change of tooling and allows good chip removal. e open and clean workzone also gives the user freedom to add or remove various machining configurations. "In case of chip accumulation, there are no obstructions in the material removal area due to slides, drive attach- ments, cables or lines," Mr. Rupp explains. "e risk of damage to or destruction of cables or hoses through hot chips or during machine setup no longer exists. Nests of chips are also a thing of the past. is clearly improves the reliability and availability of the attachments and signifi- cantly reduces unproductive times required to remove chips and chip nests. For many shops, this is invaluable For more articles on this topic, visit : LINK :: because reliable automatic operation can only be achieved if the problem of chip discharge is solved. And all of this in the knowledge that difficult-to-machine materials are increasingly being used. is is not only a real challenge with regard to the machine capacity, but also with regard to the chips, which are often long and thus difficult to discharge. e arrangement of drive and guide systems outside the machining area also effectively prevents contamination of these critical elements and thus removes the danger of premature wear." e ACX series from Schütte is available for worldwide distribution. Its eight-spindle design serves the need for flexible, lower-volume, higher-mix production increasingly found in metalworking shops. In addition, the eight- spindle also fills the needs for high-volume production using its additional machining capabilities for complex parts. Schütte USA | 800-668-4035 | ZEISS Particle Analyzer Technical Cleanliness Validation: • Reliable and reproducible data • Automated analysis • Meets ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1 • Particle size, shape, metallic/non-metallic • Fast results, easy to use • Correlative to Electron Microscopy for elemental analysis How eff ective is your parts cleaning process? Learn more about ZEISS Particle Analysis and enter for a chance to win ZEISS Binoculars! e Stop by our booth #135502 at IMTS to see more of our solutions! MULTI-SPINDLE 36 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: SEPTEMBER 2018

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