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A visit to EMO should be on the top of anyone's list to see the latest in machining technology. It's a huge manufacturing trade show, last held in September 2017 in Hannover, Germany. For multi-spindle produc- tion machines, Hall 17, which is dedicated to multi- spindle machine tools, was a must-see for all production machining tech enthusiasts, including journalists from all over the world. I took enough time to explore this massive hall and stopped by the Schütte booth, where complex turned rotational parts were being produced by dry cutting on the company's latest addition to its machine portfolio, the AC10-36 multi-spindle. The new machine offers eight spindles for more productivity for parts of up to 40 mm in diameter. It caught my eye, not because of its high complexity, but because of the speed with which it was producing parts. Within three seconds, the complete part, including front and rear machining operations, dropped out of the machine, finished and ready to be shipped to the customer. Eight spindles make it possible. Schütte's AC10-36 offers eight spindles and as many as two counterspindles for backworking. "For rear machining, which can be a bottle- neck in production if several operations are necessary to finish the part with the counterspindle, the AC10-36 offers two counterspindles that can work simultaneously on two workpieces, Schütte's marketing manager, Wilfried Rupp, explains. "If the decision is to run double backworking, we have the solution. ere are eight cross-slide positions available, each with the possibility to have multiple tools. Two of the eight cross-slides can be tooled for work on the main spindle positions or the counterspindles to give simultaneous backworking. When the front work opera- tions are completed, both counterspindles grab one part each from positions seven and eight and two parts are completed simultaneously. And that's the secret behind the three-second cycle time for the part being demonstrated in the company's booth. After several machining operations on the main spindles including turning inner and outer diameters, profile turning, grooving and drilling, the part is transferred to the counterspindles for rear machining operations. High-Tech Meets Traditional Design While eight-spindle technology is nothing new, Schütte has been offering eight spindles on its G and PC-series multi-spindle machines for many years. e ACX machine, which is globally available now, is the result of ongoing developments of the company's Generation SCX CNC six-spindle, multi-spindle automatic lathes, introduced in 2006. To learn more, I visited Schütte's headquarters in Cologne, Germany, to experience the machine in production first-hand. Founded in 1880, the family-run business has been producing multi-spindle automatic lathes from 1937 onwards. In 1940, the first multi-spindle automatic with an independently controlled longitudinal slide—a principle that will later become known as the "Schütte Design"—is built. e Schütte Design includes a split arrangement of the machining units for longitudinal and cross machining on two machine stands, our host, Mr. Rupp, explains. e spindle and drive head are mounted on a torsion- and vibration-resistant mineral cast compound machine base and connected by a robust longitudinal support beam. is creates a closed-loop framework that guarantees optimal force distribution and a high degree of rigidity. is design provides the machine with a high level of stability, which is reflected not least in a high material removal capacity. A further characteristic of multi-spindle automatics from Schütte is the 'Schütte-Block.' "is gives our longitudinal slides a high degree of accuracy and longevity and makes :: This turned rotational part made of MS 58 was produced by dry cutting on the Schütte AC10-36 multi. The machine features eight spindles and up to two counterspindles for backworking. This part was made in three seconds. CNC Multi-Spindles :: 33

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