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Speed (rpm) TA - Water Cooling 0 50 100 150 200 250 300 350 350 300 250 200 150 100 50 0 Torque (Nm) Tc Ti Tp :: The diagonal slope is where back-EMF is too much to counter. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Brian Zlotorzycki works as a product specialist for the components area of Etel S.A., a subsidiary of Heidenhain. value, the time it takes a motor to reach the peak varies from as long as two seconds to tens of milliseconds. Speed is one more value that can vary the performance. When the magnets move past the copper coils, a current is created within the copper and creates a back-electromotive force (back-EMF) voltage. To compensate, the controller must input more current to counteract this current normally used to give the motor its power. e result is that the higher the speed at which the motor operates, the more difficulty it will have reaching similar force values. e larger the surface area between the magnets and coils, the more back-EMF, which is why a motor has lower speed capabilities as it gets larger or has more poles. Although size is not the only property that affects performance (eddy currents can occur and heat up parts of the motor), it does have the greatest impact. An understanding of this technology and its benefits and important parameters allows better decision making around the level of investment that makes the most sense for a machine's design. In many industries, from machine tools to aerospace to semiconductor applications, this technology has shown the ability to increase the quality of manufactured products. As the standard of quality increases, machines will need to adapt to technologies that can help them meet these requirements. Direct drive will be a part of this transition for years to come. THE 4 WINNING POINTS: 1. REDUCE FLOOR SPACE 2. CUT ENERGY CONSUMPTION 3. HALF THE STAFF 4. QUADRUPLE THE PRODUCTION SPEED ONLY THE FIRST 50 COPIES ARE FREE OF CHARGE! BOOK YOUR COPY NOW ON 3 Internal Spindles Multicenter 3spindles South Building, Booth 339352 Flexible Machines TECH BRIEF :: 31

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