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IMTS PRODUC TS 80 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2018 Speedy Spindles Suitable for Milling, Grinding Ibag North America | East Building, Level 2, Booth 121430 Ibag North America offers its line of 16- to 360-mm high-speed spindles. Available with 130 hp and speeds as fast as 170,000 rpm, the spindles are suitable for a variety of milling and grinding applications. Specific display items include the 62-mm HF 62, which is designed for medical and dental applications and is capable of speeds as high as 140,000 rpm. It is also suitable for automatic tool changing operations and uses the company's P6 Collet System. Micro Line spindles are available in diameters rang- ing from 16 to 33 mm, are capable of speeds as high as 120,000 rpm and provide power as high as 390 W. Multitasking Turning Center Accurately Machines Hard Materials Methods Machine Tools Inc. | South Building, Level 3, Booth 339119 Methods Machine Tools will be featuring the Nakamura-Tome SC-300IIMYB multitasking turning center designed for accurately machining difficult, high- hardness materials. The ma- chine features a 45-degree slant bed and boxway slides on all axes. Its 3,500-rpm main spindle has a a 3.5 ft. (89 mm) bar capacity. A large 4.7" (120 mm) Y-axis travel and 10-hp milling function offers increased capacity, enabling fast machining with a cutting depth as much as 0.35" (9 mm). A 30/25-hp wide-range motor facilitates powerful cuts, and the turret holds 12 driven or 24 stationary tools. The machine features a 15", high-resolution, color-display LCD panel, which works in conjunction with a FANUC 0i-TF control for increased functionality, fast processing speeds and 1,280-m of part program storage length, the company says. It comes with the NT Work Navigator that recognizes the coordinates of workpieces with non-round shapes, forgings and castings. The Advanced NT Nurse System software package is also included, providing support for the machine's operation, programming and production. An "airbag" standard safety feature reduces the impact and force of a machine collision. Should a crash occur, within 4 mil- liseconds after the crash, servomotor-feeding direction is reversed and the machine will stop in emergency mode. Machine Built for Full Five-Axis Precision Hyundai WIA Machine America Corp. | South Building, Level 3, Booth 338948 Hyundia Wia's XF 6300 five-axis machine employs a "box on box" design that contributes to accuracy. It is designed for full five-axis applications that require keeping the tool centerpoint in contact with the workpiece. According to the company, a rigid machine structure facilitates accurate, consistent metal cutting. The 41- hp, 15,000-rpm, direct-coupled spindle is driven directly by the motor. This construction simplifies drive system structure and re- duces noise, vibration and heat generation. This make the machine suitable for aerospace and medical work as well as any application requiring multiple axes and stringent surface finish specifications. Tool change time is 4.5 sec. chip-to-chip, and the tool magazine accommodates 34 tools (68 and 102 tools optional). The machine is equipped with Hyundai Intelligent Control (i- TROL), an operating environment paired with the Siemens 840D control. The three essential operations for machining are: program check, tool measurement and coordinates system setup. Hyundai- iTrol provides all three of these operations in consecutive order to prevent error and to enable quick and easy setup. Tool and spindle monitoring can also be performed with a simple operation. The machine also features the company's All-In-One mold pack- age, which provides cutting air blow, auto power off, heat distortion compensation and an automatic tool measuring device. Collet Chuck Designed for External Planes, Clamping Gears Röhm Products of America | West Building, Level 3 & Annex, Booth 432528 Röhm's KZF-S collet chuck is designed for clamping gears and workpieces that have an external plane or gear teeth accessible from the outside. It is a powered external clamping chuck for gear surface face grinding. The chuck enables face and ID diameters to be turned or ground concentric to outer gear pitch diameters. The company will also display its Easylock clamping system, a zero-point palletization system said to reduce setup times up to 90 percent.

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