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IMTS PRODUC TS 72 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2018 ZEISS Particle Analyzer Technical Cleanliness Validation: • Reliable and reproducible data • Automated analysis • Meets ISO 16232 and VDA 19.1 • Particle size, shape, metallic/non-metallic • Fast results, easy to use • Correlative to Electron Microscopy for elemental analysis How eff ective is your parts cleaning process? Learn more about ZEISS Particle Analysis and enter for a chance to win ZEISS Binoculars! e Stop by our booth #135502 at IMTS to see more of our solutions! Machining Center Offers Turning, Thread Generation Starrag USA Inc. | South Building, Level 3, Booth 339074 Starrag's Heckert DBF 630 six-axis machining center enables turning, milling, boring, drilling and thread generation operations in one setup. The machine is said to be particularly useful for oil and gas industry parts such as fluid ends, gate valves, drill bits and pump housings. The center features a B-over- A trunnion table and a 45-kW (60-horsepower) U-axis head with 1,700 Nm (1,254 ft/lbs) of torque. To consolidate machining operations, the head consists of a faceplate with integrated work spindle and CNC radial facing slide. In addition to external, internal and face turning, the head enables conical and contour turning courtesy of the radial-facing slide's NC axis. For turning on a fixed workpiece, the rotating turning tool, which has an axial runout of 5 to 6 m, can be adjusted by ±35 mm. Other features include a 40-tool automatic tool changer and pallets measuring 630 × 630 mm that can accommodate loads as heavy as 1,000 kg. Data-Collecting Platforms Monitor Status, Recommend Maintenance FANUC Corp. | North Building, Level 1, Booths 215605, 236270, 338919 FANUC Corp. offers the FANUC Intelligent Edge Link and Drive (FIELD) system and the Robot LINKi Zero Down Time (ZDT) platform. The FIELD system collects machine data and monitors the operating status of manufacturing equipment in real time. Third-party ap- plication developers can create and sell FIELD applications that improve the efficiency of equipment, production throughput and process quality using an industrial API interface to access the data and perform analytics. The ZDT platform, a cloud-based solution available to manufacturers who purchase FANUC robots, offers predictive analytics that can prevent unexpected downtime by identifying component failures in advance. It also recommends proper intervals for routine equipment maintenance activities. ZDT enables users to schedule regular production downtime for maintenance and mechanical hardware replacement. Users can also monitor the manu- facturing process using a web portal, which provides a clear picture of device health, equipment usage and energy consumption.

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