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IMTS PRODUC TS 64 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2018 Turret Head Rotates in Both Directions OMG North America | West Building, Level 3, Booth 431246 OMG's HT revolving turret heads can perform drilling, tapping, milling and boring operations. They can be fitted onto machine spindles and units or slides with one or more moving axes. They can also operate under their own motorization. They are available in four sizes: 160, 200, 250 and 360. Each station can be equipped with different tool couplings (ABS, DIN 55058, HSK, ER or a special). Multi-spindle heads or speed multipliers can also be fitted. With as many as eight positions, turrets can perform different operations without having to reposition the workpiece. The crown gears secure and release by means of hydraulic circuits, while a single motor selects the work station and starts tool rotation. Hirth crown gears ensure rigidity, the company says, and there are no moving parts subject to wear. According to the company, capability to rotate in both directions enables switch- ing quickly to the appropriate tool. Each spindle features a coolant circuit and optional through-spindle coolant capability. Each turret is controlled by the machine's CNC. Optical Instruments for Measuring Shafts, Cylindrical Parts Quality Vision International (QVI) | East Building, Level 3, Booths 135602, 236404 Quality Vision International will display its TurnCheck family of precision optical instruments for measuring shafts and other cylindrical parts. Company-designed optics are fully telecentric with each element designed to eliminate distortion. Supporting illumination consists of highly col- limated constant-wavelength light to eliminate a wrap-around effect found when lighting turned parts. The system is said to produce a crisp, uniformly illuminated and magnified image across the field of view with no edge effects or exclusion zones. The system is intended to provide accurate measurements despite vibration and temperature variation often found in shopfloor condi- tions. The system software automatically optimizes lighting, focus and image tools. Simple controls, easy loading and unloading and intelligent software tools enable fast setup time with no need for extensive operator training, the company says. Metal Removal Coolants "Pictogram Free" & "Hazard Free" Don't Wait Call Now! Safe & Environmentally Responsible "Engineered SoluƟons BoƩom Line Results" 90 Days After using Tower Saf-T-Cool Before using Tower Saf-T-Cool Product Lines SAF-T-COOL offers chemistry formulated with renewable resources and low foam characterisƟcs that cleans and rinses the machine as it runs, eliminaƟng residues and protecƟng against corrosion. Saving you money! TOWERKEM Products are high performance, biostaƟc, syntheƟc coolants with special chemistry that reject tramp oils while providing excepƟonal rust protecƟon and extended sump life. ExcepƟonal performance on ferrous and non-ferrous metals and chemistry that conƟnuously cleans and rinses the machine as it runs. Performance speaks for itself! Green Fluid & Clean Fluid Technology Visit us at Booth# 432479 / 4300 S. Tripp Ave. Chicago, IL 60632 / 773-927-6161 /

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