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IMTS PRODUC TS 62 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2018 Software Collects Measurement Data from Multiple Devices Hexagon Manufacturing Intelligence | East Building, Level 3, Booth 135202 Hexagon's HxGN Smart Quality is an online quality data and measurement resource management software platform. It collects data from multiple manufacturing phases and provides statisti- cal analysis, visualization and workflow management, and process optimization. It is said to structure data in a way that provides insight into production and improvements in process. The remotely accessible software enables users to manage quality requirements in real time. It collects and stores data from any number of devices in one da- tabase. It analyzes, visualizes and reports data in dashboard format. It manages such resources as equipment and organizes operational tasks. With a customizable toolset, the platform can be tailored to specific manufacturing environments and IT infrastructure. Ultrasonic Cleaning Units Clean 3D-Printed Parts Hardness Testers Feature Electronic Control Mitutoyo America Corp. | East Building, Level 3, Booths 135215, 215316 Mitutoyo's HR-530-series Rockwell hardness testers includes the HR-530 and HR-530L. The HR-530 accommodates specimens as tall as 250 mm and as deep as 150 mm. The HR-530L accommodates specimens as tall as 395 mm and as deep as 150 mm. The series features electronic con- trol, giving it capabilities for Rockwell, Rockwell Superficial, Rockwell testing of plastics (A & B) and Light Force Brinell hardness testing. All models test hard- ness of an inside ring wall without cutting the ring. The minimum diameter that can be tested is 34 mm, but inside diameters as small as 22 mm can be tested using the optional 5-mm diamond indenter. A color touchscreen displays results of statistical calculations and graphic functions, which can be stored as text data. The testers feature a numeric display of statistical analysis results, including maximum and minimum values, mean value and graphic display of X-Bar & R control charts and histograms required for hardness evaluation. A nose-type indenter enables measurement on a flat-top sur- face of a specimen and the inside surface of a cylindrical specimen. Pressing the foot switch or the start button enables continuous testing when testing multiple workpieces with the same height. Omegasonics Inc. | East Building, Level 2, Booth 121150 Omegasonics' 1900BT and 1900BTX ultrasonic cleaning units enable cleaning of 3D prototype parts. The ultrasonic cleaning process is effective for 3D-printing applications because it generates cavitation energy inside the bath. This creates internal pressure that dissolves the part support structures. The 20-gallon, plug-and- play 1900BT has a compact cleaning area and is suited for ultrasonic applications where filtration is not required. A low- profile design enables the unit to serve as a hybrid between a benchtop cleaner and a portable floor model. The insulated construction enables placement in an office environment without the need to worry about operating decibels. The unit features a digital timer and temperature control. The 1900BTX features two cleaning technologies: a water agitation cleaning process and ultrasonic cavitation. Each oper- ates independently to facilitate a thorough but gentle cleaning process. A magnetic drive pump system enables agitation, whereby turbulence is controlled so parts are not damaged. Inside the tank, the part flows circularly to help dissolve the temporary support structure around the part. The flow and heat are both adjustable. The water-agitation tank features a directional spray nozzle that enables the user to spray parts directly. The unit also includes a programmable cycle that enables hands-free cleaning. A variety of certifications show that the ultrasonic cleaning units perform within the safety parameters required by the Conformité Européene (CE), Canadian Standards Association (CSA) and Un- derwriters Laboratories (UL).

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