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IMTS PRODUC TS 60 PRODUCTION MACHINING :: AUGUST 2018 Sensor Enables Roughness Measurements on CMMs Zeiss Industrial Metrology | East Building, Level 3, Booths 135502, 215406, 215618 The Zeiss Rotos roughness sensor enables a coordinate measuring machine (CMM) to inspect surface waviness and roughness, even on complex workpieces. The sensor is said to simplify and speed the measurement of surface parameters in a single measurement cycle without reclamping. The sensor checks the size, form and location tolerances along with roughness parameters. Significant form deviations can be analyzed on the company's Prismo and CenterMax CMMs, rather than on separate stylus instruments. The sensor can be exchanged as needed using an interface on the CMM probe. Depending on the measuring machine and the particular stylus, the sensor can capture Ra roughness values as fine as 0.03 micron. The sensor's design enables inspec- tion of many workpiece characteristics. With three rotatable, multiple-stylus arms, it measures deep boreholes and difficult-to-reach surfaces and overhead measurements. The sensor also features skidless styli for measuring roughness and waviness on sealing faces. Programming the surface parameters is integrated in the company's Calypso measuring software. Maximum Precision... Leistritz Advanced Technologies Corp. 165 Chestnut Street, Allendale, NJ 07401 (201) 934-8262 • Improved quality with reduced cycle times! Today's high volume production requires precision which only a few years ago was unachievable! When machining worms, ballscrews or actuator screws for automotive or aerospace applications, whirling is fast becoming the process of choice. Leistritz Whirling Machines and Tooling Systems fit nicely into machining cells with a small foot print and dry cutting advantage. ...With Each Rotation Booth 237052 B LO G

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