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IMTS PRODUCTS :: 47 Turning Centers Available with Range of Automation Options Murata Machinery USA Inc. | South Building, Level 3, Booth 338844 Murata Machinery's line of Muratec turning machines will be on display. The MW35 all-electric, com- pact turning center with a servo high- speed loader (single or twin gantry loaders are available) is said to produce small parts in as little as three seconds. The machine has two spindles capable of simultaneous multi-tool cutting. The MW40 is designed for minimal thermal displacement during machining operations of smaller parts with tight tolerances. The machine is available with live tooling and Y-axis milling capability. The MW120 twin-spindle CNC turning center reduces cycle time with a high-speed gantry loader and turret axes. The machine is capable of production times as low as 16 seconds per part. The MD120 automated CNC turning center accommodates live tooling capabilities, including drilling and milling in every turret position. The MT100 opposed spindle machine has a built-in Y axis for ore precision on complex parts, the company says. The machine is de- signed for each turret to serve either of the twin spindles. Upper and lower turret configuration enable the flexibility to manage two tools in a single cut while reducing cycle time. A variety of automation op- tions include an optional third turret and a three-axis gantry robot. The MT200 opposed-spindle-type machine accommodates larger parts with a turn diameter ranging to 8.3" and an 8" chuck. Helical Mills Leave Smooth Surfaces Scientific Cutting Tools | West Building, Level 3, Booth 432013 Scientific Cutting Tools says its helical chamfer mills offer freer cutting and smoother surface finish than straight-fluted alternatives. A vari- able helical flute design provides high sheer, reduced side cutting pressure and improved chip evacuation. Made from sub-micron car- bide and suitable for a variety of materials, the tools are manufactured in both three- and five- flute versions. The three-flute design is best for softer materials, while the five-flute design is recommended for harder materials. Helical chamfer mills are made on CNC tool and cutter grinders to tight tolerances. They are available in diameter sizes ranging from 1 / 8 " to 3 / 4 " and in angle configurations of 60, 90 and 120 degrees. The front of the tool is ground flat, and the tip diameter is held to ±0.001" tolerance to ease of set-up and accuracy in programming. IMTS Quick Facts WHEN: September 10-15, 2018 WHERE: McCormick Place, Chicago, Illinois SPONSOR: AMT – The Association for Manufacturing Technology ATTENDEE SHOW HOURS: East Building, Level 2 and West Building, Level 3 Annex: 8:30 a.m.-4:30 p.m. East Building, Level 3 and West Building, Level 3: 9 a.m.-5 p.m. North Building, Level 3 and South Building, Level 3: 10 a.m.-6 p.m. AMT - The Association For Manufacturing Technology 800-524-0475 | IMTS - International Manufacturing Technology Show | 800-828-7469 | Dovetail Vise Enables Mounting without Added Subplate Advanced Machine & Engineering | East Building, Level 2, Booth 121117, 432423 Amrok's centering dovetail vise (CDV), available from Advanced Machine & Engineering, enables on-center mounting, between-center mount- ing, T-slot mounting and Bridgeport mounting without the need for an additional subplate for tombstone mounting. The system is designed to locate and mount on a 2" (50.8-mm) grid system. The system features a centering accuracy of 0.001" (0.025 mm) using Amrok's locating pins. The vise is available in sizes from 3" to 23" (76 to 584 mm) in length and in clamping widths up to 5" (127 mm) to enable a range of workholding applications. For aerospace and special applications, the vises can be mount- ed end-to-end for workpieces longer than 23". With working jaw heights in sizes of 0.125", 0.250" and 0.375" (3.175, 6.35, 9.53 mm), the CDV design allows for increased clamping force and load dispersion in harsh, high-torque cutting environments. For most machining environments, the hard-anodized aluminum CDV is adequate; but for demanding, hard-metal machining, a 4340 alloy steel (RC-32-36) vise is available.

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